Disney, one of my happy places!

I must admit that I love Disney.  I know that there a lots of people that criticize Disney, but for me there is a magic there that I can’t explain.  Yesterday, I had the opportunity to view the new fireworks show at the Magic Kingdom, and bring my oldest daughter with me.  It was a wonderful show, but spending the evening with her, and seeing the show with her was special.

My Daughter is an artist, she’s 14, and hasn’t much use for her mother.  I am apparently not very cool, and would never understand what she is going through as a teenager (I know, but I try to help if she lets me).  There are moments with her that I will always remember and seeing the new show with her is one of those moments.  She was able to see the show through an artist’s eyes, but was also to see the show as entertainment.  I don’t see that part of her much anymore, so it was very nice.  My daughter an her sister often talk about being tired of Disney, but I don’t ever get tired of it.  Watching my daughter last night just made me happy.

When I go to the park, any of the parks, there is a sense of being granted the freedom to be a kid again.  That doesn’t happen very often any more, with bills to pay, working full time, and having the responsibilities of household.  Sometimes, as adults, we forget that we need to have fun too.  We get so caught up in real life, it’s hard to escape in healthy ways, and be a kid again.  Being able to stay happy means finding ways to touch that child inside, at least every once in a while.  The bills and responsibilities will still be there, but being able to escape, even for just a little time, is healthy.  I tell my husband that I go to Disney to recharge my batteries and restore my faith in humanity.  Both of those things are true, but it’s so much more.

How do you touch that inner child?  Have you touched that part of yourself lately?  Take some time and go jump in the mud.  Go sit on a swing at the park and see how high you can swing.  Skip rocks on the water.  Do things you did when you were a kid.  Do the things you remember that made you who you are today.  When I was younger, we traveled every summer.  We camped, and climbed trees, and roasted marshmallows.   When I need to remember being a kid, I have a peanut butter sandwich.  It’s one of my comfort foods.  What did you do?

Take some time and find a way to touch that child inside.  Disney does that for me, but so do a lot of other things.  Find what helps you, and just enjoy, at least for a bit.  You can get back to the bills tomorrow. (By the way, I recommend the jumping in the mud.  It’s really quite fun when you let yourself go.)