Sometimes, patience is the key to success. Setting up this site has been a trial in patience, but today, I managed to get some things set up that I have been trying to set up for days.  So many of life’s lessons are from challenges we face.  I have come to believe that challenges make us stronger, if we manage to get through them, not go around them.  It would have been easier for me to just pay someone to get my site in line, but I learned more fumbling my way through.  Now I have information that I didn’t have before and will have into the future.

How many times have you been faced with a difficult task and struggled to get through it?  I can look back and remember so many.  My husband and I renovate houses, and that has been an education all by itself.  I also built my own house before I got married, and managing contactors requires stamina and assertiveness (had to threaten to fire a few to get them to show up).  Anything that takes risk and endurance does have pay offs in the end, whether it’s building your own house, going back to school, or just having kids.  If think of all the tasks that I have taken on, being a parent must be the hardest.

Life… It’s not about waiting for the storm to pass. It’s about learning to dance in the rain.


Just like trying to set up this site, being a parent requires patience, thinking out of the box, and help from others.  Of course some people hire nannies to raise their children, but I think you miss so much when other people are raising your kids.  No one will care about your children like you do.  I am often frustrated with teachers as my kids survive the public school, just like my husband and I did.  My biggest goal for them is to graduate and find a way to be happy in life (and find a job, and support themselves because I don’t plan to support them anymore than my parents planned to support me).  My kids both have goals, but I just want them to be happy and know that I will support them in whatever future they choose.  I’ll also be there to help them through struggles, but I don’t plan to fix their struggles for them.  In the end, it takes patience as they manage frustrations, road blocks, and struggles, but letting them figure out how to get through their issues will help them learn long term lessons.

Being a parent isn’t easy, but I have to allow them to make mistakes, suffer through tribulationns, and struggle to do difficult things just like I did.  Just like the issues I had setting up my site, they will have issues and need stamina and patience to get through it.  They will fumble through things like I did, and hopefully get through the hard times and enjoy the good ones.  Being happy isn’t about being trouble free.  It’s about celebrating the success stories and living through the tough times.  I have a picture on my wall that I bought to remind myself that not everything comes easy.  It talks about dancing in the rain.  Today, I’m dancing in the rain, but the sun is coming out again.  I’ll enjoy it while I can, until the next problem comes along.  Enjoy your sunshine, dance in the rain, and have a little patience for the tougher lessons.