Spending time with your Kids

I love cooking, and I have been cooking more with my kids.  They want to learn how to cook, so it’s time to offer some education.  Yesterday, my oldest daughter had an idea that she wanted to try.  She wanted to make ice cream sandwiches with cookies.  She had the idea before, but we never had time, so yesterday, we made time to cook what she wanted to make.


Now cooking with kids is hard for me, because it’s hard to step back and let them try things.  I guess I’m a little controlling in that way, but I did my best to step back and let her do things.  We made a simple recipe from the Nestle semi-sweet chocolate chips bag, and made bigger cookies, filled them with ice-cream and off to the freezer they went.

Here is what I learned about the process.  When you make bigger cookies, they end up really dry, making the ice cream sandwiches hard to eat.  The idea was good, but there was a lot to improve.  And the picture needs work too!

What really mattered was taking the time and doing the project with my daughter.  The outcome didn’t matter as much and taking the time for her.  I have worked with families a lot around parenting and relationships.  Spending quality time with your kids is the best way to show them that you care.

These days, communicating with teens is not an easy process when they text each other sitting next to each other.  I want my kids to have the confidence to function on or off the internet and talking with them and providing new experiences is the ultimate gift.  My kids have been able to travel to different places and understand that not everyone lives the lifestyle that we do.  That in itself is very important information.

Cooking with your kids is just a small way to spend time with you kids.  If they play sports go to their games.  Go to school functions when you can.  Attend special activities and let them experience different things.  I am a firm believer in the more they experience, the more they will understand about how to be successful.  They need you to provide them with information and guidance as they learn how to live in a changing world.

As my daughter and I were in the kitchen, I saw her willing to learn and excited about what we were doing.  She didn’t want her sister to be a part of the experiment, and wanted to do things on her own.  She seemed happy as she was creating her idea and proud when she finished.  It was special to see the twinkle in her eye.  You can’t buy that, even on Amazon!

As you think about things that you can do with you kids, ask them what they want to try.  Cook something with them.  Go to a destination of their choice and let them explore.  Listen to them as they talk about things they might want to do.  Encourage their creativity and let them dream.  Along the way, dream a little bit for yourself, and don’t forget to take care of your own inner child.  Your happiness can only improve.