Anxiety: When to get help

Anxiety, like depression, is a struggle that can be overwhelming.  Most people are anxious about events, like changing jobs, moving to a new city, or buying your first house.  A range of emotions are normal for people to have, and anxiety is just one of human emotions that many people just manage and move on to a new emotion.  But for the population living with anxiety, it can affect your health, relationships, and happiness.  Don’t let anxiety rule your day.

For the average person, worry is something that comes up as a result of an event.  Moving or starting a new job comes with a certain level of anxiety, and that anxiety serves a purpose.  It can help you attend to details, focus on the important things, and gets you through until things calm down.  I believe that it serves a purpose as you get through a stressful time, as do all our other emotions.  But when it gets overwhelming, and lasts long beyond the event, it’s time to get help.

For the person living with anxiety, they go to bed worried and wake up the same way.  There is no change from day to day, and no getting better over time.  They struggle just to get out of the house in the morning, and feel that there is no point in trying because nothing will go right.  Much like depression, they feel hopeless and helpless to manage the feeling that they have that nothing will ever be okay, and numerous things and problems haunt them every day.  They can’t be at home and feel relaxed, they tend to not be able to relax anywhere.

If this sounds like you or someone you love, find help.  There is help to manage anxiety, and it can change how you feel about things and your life.  The key points for anxiety include:

1.       Feeling keyed up or on edge

2.       Easily tired

3.       Difficulty concentrating

4.       Irritable

5.       Muscle tension

6.       Sleep issues

(Symptoms taken from the DSM 5, 2013, the mental health diagnostic manual)


Managing anxiety on your own takes a lot, but having the courage to seek support and help is the first step to manage the condition.  Many people living with anxiety struggle with the feeling that things are hopeless.  It affects their relationships with spouses and their kids, and also makes work a struggle.  Without help, it can result in divorce, losing your job, and not having the relationship with your kids that is helpful to you or them.  Ask for help.  As with depression, talk with your doctor.  Be honest about  how you are feeling so they can help you develop a plan to treat your anxiety.  With help, living with anxiety can be manageable, and your life can be better.

As with depression, if you at any time feel that there is no way out, and have thoughts of hurting yourself or others, present to your local emergency room or call 911 and be transported to your local emergency room for further evaluation.   When you have anxiety, it can feel overwhelming.  Get help immediately, don’t wait for an appointment with your doctor.  You can be evaluated in the emergency room and they can assist with getting you set up with a mental health professional in your area.

Living with anxiety doesn’t have to be hopeless.  A therapist can help you with skills to manage the issues that come with anxiety, and your doctor can talk to you about medications that will help, but they can’t help if you don’t have the courage to ask.  Take the first step to a new life, and happiness, and call for an appointment today.