Puzzles for Happiness

                 The Princess and the Frog

I don’t know about you, but I love puzzles. They seem to be a way to relax, keep that brain zapping, and foster a sense of accomplishment when you are done. I’m not sure why they are part of my stress management, but they really seem to help. Over the weekend, my daughter and I worked on a puzzle and got it done actually too quick.
I have done larger puzzles, although the last larger puzzle we did, had a couple pieces missing. That was disappointing at the end, but there’s nothing like putting that last piece where it belongs. Since my kids were born, it has been hard to find things that I can really feel like I completed. After all, the dishes are never really done. The laundry is never really done, but at the end when you put in the last piece, the puzzle is really done.
Raising kids and managing a home is endless, and a lifelong process. I know that even when my kids are grown, and gone, they will still need me for input, support, but hopefully not money (I can only hope). With the house, we plan to downsize when they are gone, but there will always be something to clean and manage. After all, beds don’t change themselves.
Doing a puzzle in our house is often a family project. Everyone seems to work on it, a little at a time when it’s big. And for some puzzles, it’s not as easy as it looks. Spending time as a family gets harder and harder these days, with school, work, household chores, and electronics, so having something that brings the family together is nice. In our house, it’s done on the dining room table (there has to be a use for that thing, outside of holidays). That makes it nice, because it can just be there for the duration of the time it takes to put it together.
Choosing puzzles is fun. I have been a fan of Thomas Kincade for many years, so many of the puzzles that I do are of his pictures. I also love Disney, and the most recent one was a Disney puzzle from one of my favorite movies, The Princess and the Frog. There are so many different types of puzzles, so there is likely to be a puzzle that might interest you too.
Stress management in a world of discontent and so many other issues is ultimately important. Puzzles are only one of the ways I use to try to escape and keep my mind occupied, and I’ll keep talking about other ways as time goes on, so stay tuned for many more ideas. What do you do for stress management? What works for you? If it works for you, it might work for someone else. On the flip side, what works for you, or me, might not work for someone else. That’s why brainstorming lots of ideas is so important.
If you like puzzles, share your puzzle too. Even frame it if your proud, and hang it on the wall. Do what you need to do to de-stress and stay happy and positive. No matter how small, each activity can lead to a happier you.