Time for Some Self-Care

No matter what happens in your life, talking time to recharge your batteries is really important.  Self-care is a key piece in being able to stay happy for life.  With the responsibilities at work, and being a parent and a spouse, and a friend, I try to take some time for myself when I can, but it’s hard.  After multiple issues at home, concern about my parents, and work, it’s time for a weekend for me.

I am very blessed because we were able to get a vacation home by my favorite place, Walt Disney World.  We rent it out, and I has been rented for much of the summer, but this weekend it’s free again and even though I need to go and clean it, I also get to enjoy it for a while.  It’s not much but for me it’s home.  It’s a house that my kids know better than the houses that we have lived in over the last few years, so it’s special.

Having a place to escape to has been great, when I can really escape.  When I talk about it friends, I talk about the lack of clutter in the house.  Not just clutter related to stuff, but clutter related to responsibilities.  When I’m there, it’s like I don’t really have to do anything when I’m just there for a mini vacation.  Many times I’m there getting it ready for a guest, but when there’s no pressure, it’s very relaxing.

I hope that you have a place that you can go to that doesn’t have any “clutter”.  If you don’t, find a quite place where you can just relax and calm the responsibilities in your head.  I also like to go to the beach to unwind.  I did that when I was still in high school.  I would drive (when I had my license) to the beach close to our house and I could stay there for hours just looking at the water and the reflections.  Water for me is calming, but I know it doesn’t calm everyone.  For some it might be walking in the woods, or yoga, or meditation.  Whatever works for you, you should do it.  Don’t worry about having a place that costs money, or requires more responsibility.  Just try to find a quiet place to calm your mind.

The work I do is hard, but I wouldn’t change my chosen profession, although some days are better than others.  The more people I meet, the more I understand how lucky I am to have the family and friends that I do.  I work with people who have no support, medical problems, financial issues, and no resources, and that makes me very humble quite often.  It helps me remember how blessed we are to have the opportunities we do, but I still can’t forget to care for myself.  In order to help my patients as best I can, I need to take care of myself first.

This weekend, it’s time to recharge my batteries.  I can just go to our vacation home and relax, but this weekend, I’m hoping to spend some time at Disney.  I want to see Illuminations at EPCOT, and maybe Fantasmic at the Studios.  Either way, I’m hoping to get away and recharge.  Do something over the weekend to recharge yourself.  And remember: taking care of yourself helps you better take care of others.