Stay positive, even in a bad situation!

Well, staying positive is hard to do at times, especially when bad things happen.  We have had air conditioning problems on and off for a while, and in Florida, that makes for tough days, and nights.  Well, today our fan stopped working, so we are without air conditioning tonight.  Being able to stay positive and focus on things we can be thankful for is most important during this time.

So today, the focus is still around positivity.  So today, lets talk about Popcorn!  I love popcorn, especially with butter.  When we go to the movies, popcorn must be involved.  Growing up, we used to have popcorn for dinner on Sundays, after we had a big lunch with family or just because it sounded good.  My dad would have his with just salt, and my mom would make popcorn with butter for my brother and me.  I still remember those nights, and I think that is one of the reasons that I still love popcorn.

When I was younger, my mom and dad did a lot of community theater.  One of my earliest memories was when they were doing Fiddler on the Roof at the local theater.  The theater was beautiful and I grew up and followed in their footsteps, also doing multiple shows in the same theater.  I remember that show because my grandmother made popcorn for me, and put it in a big paper bag (the kind that we used to get at the grocery store).  I don’t remember how much of the bag I ate, but I remember sitting in the chairs in the audience watching my father on stage.

I have lots of popcorn buckets, and started collecting them a few years ago now.  Most of my popcorn buckets have Mickey on them, of course, but I’ll eat popcorn out of anything.  I included some pictures of my popcorn bucket collection, but this isn’t all.  Much of my collection was from going to Disney.  You get refills with some of the buckets, and my kids like popcorn as well, so it was a good option because we could get cheap refills and they would always have something to munch on.

As I think back to the memories, it makes me feel better, and helps my improve my mood, in-spite of the rising temperature in my house.  As I think about it, I have a lot of good memories wrapped up in popcorn.  I remember the air poppers that came out when I was younger.

Christmas Mickey Popcorn Bucket

Those were okay, but they made a big mess if you didn’t keep and eye on them.  I remember having one pop popcorn all over the kitchen.  I also remember that you could melt butter in a little cup to pour on the popcorn, but the popcorn was never as good as the popcorn cooked in oil.


When bad things happen, the idea is to accept, but remember a better time.  I think it helps me get through and also remember that it will be okay again.    I don’t know how long it will take to get the part to fix our air conditioning, but I know it will get fixed, and I’m thankful that we have the resources to do it, because I know that some families don’t.

My family has hard times, but I know that we will get through them.  We always do.  I hope that when bad things happen to you, you have something positive to think back on that helps you get through until things get better again.  Here’s hoping that our air conditioning gets fixed soon, and to more popcorn!