Problem Managed!

Well after an awful night, I’m happy to report that the temperature is coming down in the house.  Our crisis has been managed, although at a cost, and I’m hoping no more air conditioning issues for a while.  I have to say, however, that focusing on the positive did help me get through.   When I started this blog, I was hoping that it would help me get through hard times, while staying more positive, and it has.

As a glass half full kind of person, managing problems hasn’t been a big issue for me, but for others it can be.  We are lucky to have the resources to do that, so it’s not hard to get things done.  Some patients I work with in therapy struggle with bumps in the road, seeing them more as mountains or cliffs.  Being able to break down issues, develop a plan, and get things done is something that I seem to be good at.

My husband was active duty Navy and retired after 20 years on active duty.  As a Military wife, I had to be able to handle things when he was gone.  I might not have been able to fix all things that my husband can, but I learned who to call.  Before I got married, I acted as a contractor to build my own house, and that taught me so much.  That’s a whole post all in itself, but knowing what to do when things happen is a skill.  I used that skill yesterday, and got things done, and for that I am proud.

When I think about things that women have been able to tackle on their own, I am humbled for sure.  Getting my air conditioning fixed and building a house seem small in comparison to other people.  I know women who built their own business.  I went to college with single mothers working, going to school and raising their children without a lot of support.  Those women were amazing.  I know people who beat cancer, and other medical issues, against all odds.  It’s amazing to think about what you can do, even if you think you can’t.

The older I get, the more I believe that problems make most of us stronger, although it does seem to make some weaker.  Some get overwhelmed by problems and have trouble finding solutions or trying to determine a plan to manage them.  I believe that we all have an inner strength, and that if we use that strength, we can do wonderful things.  Things that can help us be happy, and build the confidence that everyone deserves to have.

What have you been able to overcome lately?  What is your “air conditioner”?  What problem have you solved that you are proud of?  As I thought about things yesterday, I was able to think about other problems that I have been able to manage, and overcome, and somehow it made sweating instead of sleeping a little easier.  Have confidence in yourself to figure things out, even if it takes a while.  Don’t forget your accomplishments!  There will be many more.