Disney World Information

I tend to be the person that people come to when it comes to questions about Disney World, and things Disney.  I have a number of places that I got for information and someone asked me to share some here.  So as requested, here are some of my go to places for Disney information.

I have a few go to places that I use for information at Disney World.  My first go to place is Disboards.com.  That’s the main place for news, information, and updates.  Then there is Allears.net.  They have great info including pictures of room, menus for the restaurants and lots of other information.

I also have some go to books that I use, and purchase about every year, or every other year.  The first is the Unofficial Guide to Walt Disney World. The guide has so much information but not many pictures.  They also have a guide with pictures, that I also like to have, but it doesn’t come out as often.  Birnbaum’s guide also has info, and coupons that can help pay for the book if you remember to use them.  I often forget, but the pictures are good and the info is updated.

I often like the PassPorter too, and again purchase this about every other year.  The think I like about the PassPorter is the spiral binding.  It makes it easy to lay it flat, especially when working on getting a phone number and trying to call a resort.  It has phone numbers for the resorts, which come in handy at times.  I did notice that this year, the only release was the more expensive hard cover, but the updates from year to year aren’t big, so the 2016 is still pretty relevant, but it’s surprising that it wasn’t updated in 2017.  This also has pockets in it to keep track of reservations, and other things you might need for your trip.

This is the first list, and I’ll update it as other things come along.  There is so much information out there, and planning is key to having a good vacation.  Disney World is bigger than people think and when they get there it can be overwhelming.  Take a look and do your homework, but it will be a great Vacation!