Help for Acne

I’m not perfect, and to illustrate, I have had problems with acne since middle school.  I remember struggling with break outs in middle school and high school, but not having a lot of options back then to help with my situation.  I have learned a lot over the years about treatment, and finally feel like I have my issue under control but it wasn’t always that way.

When I was younger, there wasn’t a lot of options other than Clearasil, which never worked for me.  I didn’t know about how to care for my face to help with the break outs, and things just tended to get worse.  As I got older, I started talking to doctors about my options and went through a series of medications, both topical and oral, that would help for a while, but not the clearing that I  wanted.  

I went through all the things that the doctors seemed to have to offer, and many made my face dry and scaly, and in the end really didn’t manage the problem very well.  Then I saw a commercial for ProActive on television.  It talked about a three step method, and I really didn’t have much to lose so I tried it, and was surprised to find that it worked.  I think the doctors had been throwing medication at me, and I was washing my face and then using the topical medications, but the drying of my skin made the whole process frustrating.  One of the things that the ProActive did was include a moisturizer as a part of the final process, and that helped take care of my dry, over cleansed skin.  It also really taught me that I needed to do all three steps to make it work.

I used ProActive for over 10 years, but as I aged, my skin changed, and I began having problems again.  My doctor recommended that I move up to a different system, that has a higher level of acid.  I moved to Glytone, a series that included a cleanser and toner( Glytone Acne Clearing Cleanser and Glytone Acne Clearing Toner), just like Proactive.  They were more expensive than ProActive, but it seemed to help get my acne back under control.  To this, I added a moisturizer during the day, and Clean and Clear Acne daily treatment.

As a part of trying to feel better about my skin, and myself, I also had skin peels, done in the doctor’s office.  After years of acne issues, the simple treatments didn’t help much.  The doctor told me that I would get a lot of peeling, but the peeling would never happen.  I went through a couple different treatments, increasing in intensity, and all I ever really got was red, no real peeling.  The peels did help with the tone of my skin, but I never really got the results I was hoping for, so I stopped the peels and just focused on keeping my skin clear.

Today, I continue to use the Glytone products and my skin is pretty clear.  For those going through acne breakouts, my heart goes out to you.  I struggled for so many years, with self-esteem issues, but when I found something that worked, I felt better about myself.  I still have issues now and then, but nothing like I have in the past.  Keep to a schedule, and use products that work for you.  Starting with ProActive was the best thing I ever did and I have my daughter using it now.  It will get better, and with time, and continued use it will help you stay clear and confident.