Hurricane Irma Frenzy

Hello, from Irma land.  The hurricane is now headed for us, and I’m feeling overwhelmed, but trying to say positive.  My kids are getting worried, watching all the predictions, and I must admit I was better when the hurricane was predicted to go up the east coast of Florida, but now that it’s headed up the middle, it’s more anxiety producing then ever.

I have to share some pictures with you.  Just going to the grocery store is an experience, although not because of what you can get.  As a matter of fact, you can’t get much.  Let me show you.

This is the isle where the bread used to be.   There hasn’t been bread for about three days now, on the shelf.  I wanted to make sure that we had things in the house to eat, that didn’t require refrigeration.  So I went to get peanut butter, and found the next picture.

So, this is where the peanut butter used to be.  There were a few jars of chunky peanut butter, but not much left.  Across the isle from the peanut butter, was the next photo.

This is where the bottles of water used to be.  Completely bare now.   Luckily, I came to the store and got milk yesterday.  Today I found this next picture.

You can’t even get pop-tarts!

I don’t think I have ever been through anything like this.  On the way into the store, there are signs indicating that the store will be closed from Saturday afternoon, until Tuesday morning.  While checking out with the few things that we could find, I asked the person at the check out if things would be restocked before they opened again.  She didn’t think so.  She said that it will likely be a while before things come back into stock.  Depending on the damage, trucks coming into the area may be delayed, especially is there is no electricity.

Gas stations are either out of gas, or running out.  There are no gas cans, no tarps to cover a roof if shingles blow off, and so much more that we can’t get for now.  We are trying to make sure that we have what we need to get through, but the biggest concern now is whether we will have electricity.

We are expecting the storm to push water into the area, and possibly flood the coastal areas, so many people have been evacuated away from the coastal areas.  So many people are being displaced, with shelters around the county, but what a mess!

It’s hard to stay positive looking at predictions right now, but I still have hope.  We are home for now, but have a shelter close that we can get to if needed.  Other areas will be hit harder than ours, but no matter where you are in Florida, it is scary!  I’ll keep everyone informed.  Send good thoughts our way, and don’t forget to follow up with family members in Florida.  Make sure they are okay.  Call them.  Make sure they call you.  It’s Harvey in our backyard, and I think Florida will need all the help it can get to get back to normal.