Epcot Food and Wine Festival

Figment, Master Chef

This week has been rough, so it was time to get away this weekend, for some fun, and some cleaning.  My husband and I are working on both our homes after the hurricane, and off to our house by Disney to clean up we went.  After a busy day cleaning, we took the evening to go back to the Food and Wine Festival, to try more yummy things.  It’s nice that our kids are old enough to be in the park on their own, so my husband and I had some time to ourselves to enjoy some time together.

I went to the festival alone a couple weeks ago, so this was my husband’s first time.  I took him to a place that I went before and showed him other things.  We looked at the menus and decided on crab cake and scallops at Coastal eats.  We both really like seafood, and I had tried the scallops already, so he had the scallops and I tried the crab cake.  Both the dishes were wonderful!

After that, Canada was the next stop for their signature cheese soup and filet.  Of all the booths, this has to be one of the top ones for me.  The filet was amazing, and the soup is so flavorful.  I would love to make the soup at home, but will have to work on that.

After Canada, we made it to the American pavilion for some New England Lobster roll, although my husband was sad that the lobster wasn’t warm (that is apparently the tradition in New England).  I thought it was good.  We also got to listen to the concert.  It was fun to see people dancing and enjoying themselves.  After a week of stress, that was so important, especially for my mental health.

We made stops in Italy, and in Africa, and I must say that the cannoli in Italy was very good.  The beef tips in Africa, were good as usual, but this year were covered in curry.  Bring a glass of water for this one.  I’m not big on heat in my food, so this took a lot of water, but it was still good.  After that, there was no room to eat any more, so we just looked at menus.  We made it back around, headed for Soarin‘.  Only a 30 minute wait, so that was amazing.  I still love that ride.  Don’t miss it if you make it to EPCOT.

After getting off the ride, we met up with our kids as they were getting off Test Track, another ride that is great at EPCOT.  With all of us back together, we spent some time together and decided to head back to the house, after stopping for ice cream off property.  My kids would go for ice cream every day, if they could.  It was a good ending to a busy day.

After all the events of the past week, including witnessing a car accident in the parking lot of a grocer store, just being with my family was what I needed.  Just walking around at EPCOT, even with all the people, I didn’t have to think about things I needed to do or all the other responsibilities.  I watched people dancing to the music, having fun, smiling, and yes, getting drunk.  I could be present in the moment, something I think we have trouble doing these days.  I’m hoping that I can work on that in the coming weeks.  Wish me luck on my journey to being happy for life!