Taking Care of Myself

This weekend was busy, but I still found some time to take care of myself.  I was able to sleep in Saturday and Sunday( 0730 but that’s good for me!), got to go to my happy place, and was able to get a treat for myself.  In spite of an otherwise busy weekend, I was still able to do some self care.  That just goes to show that even putting a moment aside to care for yourself can pay off.

We Always have things that get in the way when it comes to doing self care.  My daughter needed help with home work, I had work to do at home and other places, and appointments to keep to get things done.  Cleaning seemed to take forever when I was working on a thorough cleaning.  It always does, when I want to do other things, but I know that keeping a clean house is a necessary evil.  There will never be a time when there isn’t something to do around the house.  This I have come to understand, but sometimes it just needs to wait.

I have been getting better at scheduling time for myself recently.  Time to do things I enjoy has been easier recently as things calm after the hurricane (no pun intended).  It’s taken me a long time to realize how important time to recharge is.  I always talked about it to patients, but I was never good at it myself.  So many times, since becoming a mom, my needs got set aside for my kids and my husband.  As I improve, I feel better, and I’m hoping you are doing better at taking moments for yourself.

I talked about Steven Covey in a previous post, but his rock experiment still seems true.  I am doing better at making time for the important things, the things that will help me be happy.  There will always be vacuuming, and dishes and laundry to do.  It’s been said that no one looks back at their life from their death bed and regrets not doing those kind of chores.  What they do regret is going out, seeing things, doing things, and spending time with family and friends.

So, getting out has been more of a priority.  I have responsibilities, and I honor those, but I would rather visit my happy place on the weekend, then be home doing laundry.  After all, you can always multi task during the week and do laundry while working on homework.  That leaves the weekend for fun.  While out and about this weekend, we met a mother and son, on vacation, also spending time together.  It was so nice to meet them, spend time talking, and enjoy their company.  That was definitely more fun that doing dishes!

So don’t stop taking time for yourself.  Have that cup of coffee before anyone gets up.  See that movie that you have been thinking about.  Spend some time at the beach, if that helps recharge you batteries, but don’t get lost in the little things that won’t help with long term goals.  The dishes can wait until tomorrow, and so can the laundry.  Do something for yourself today, something that renews your spirit, and enjoy!