Quote of the Day

I have to say that words can’t express how much I respect Martin Luther King, JR.  He was a voice in a difficult time and paid with his life for what he believed.  He raised awareness and spoke the truth.  I am nervous writing this post, because I’m hoping that my thoughts are clear, but I also know that what I post will be read through different filters.  This is a simple thought, and not meant to be all inclusive.   Race is still an issue in our country, and we are far from answers and improving situations.  Raising awareness for this issue is important, and although I wish I had ideas, I know there are people working on making a difference who understand this issue more than I.

Dr. King had a gift and so many of his quotes continue to teach and guide us.  I choose this quote because we can’t work on this issue from two different  sides.  We have to come together, have a discussion, and make a plan, together!  We are not enemies, we are neighbors.  We are Americans and we need to work together!  Blame is not the answer, or pointing fingers.  This isn’t about who’s right, or who is wrong.  We have a problem.  The only question should be, how do we fix it?