Quote for Today

In the more recent days, Americans have come together to show what strength they have, even if they didn’t know it.  This post is for the heroes around the country.  They ones helping people in Puerto Rico, after the hurricane devastated the area.  For the heroes in Texas, that rescued so many people after the flooding.  For the first responders and support that poured into Florida to help the state recover from Hurricane Irma.  It’s for the heroes in Las Vegas, and in so many other horrific events in recent years, that saved lives, and for so many other Americans making a difference every day as first responders.

It’s for Veteran’s, who risk their lives every day to keep us safe, and who protect others around the world.  It’s for the doctors, nurses, and medical professionals who have to be ready to take care of whatever presents for help.  It’s for the teachers who support the future generation and for the aging generation, who teaches us everyday about the past.

So many times, people are forced into situations that they never thought that they would have to endure and overcome.  No matter what the situation, we are stronger than we think we are.  When I worked with women escaping domestic violence, or in the emergency room, helping people overcome injuries or life threatening diagnosis, I got to see the human spirt at it’s best.  Walt Disney talked about doing the impossible.  I think things are only impossible if you don’t try.  Keep trying new things, and have the courage to do the things you didn’t think you could.