Weekend Reflections

This weekend seems to be a recovery weekend for many, me included.  Not much going on, but over the last month, we watched violence, hurricanes and so many other things.  I now have so many images that will haunt me, by I’m still trying to remain positive and move forward.  We also have more heroes among us.  Their courage gives me hope and teaches me that we will survive and be stronger, even after tests of our faith.

After everything, taking care of myself this weekend took center stage.  I had lots of responsibilities but I was able to manage some fun stuff too.  I like playing with numbers so I did some research on a new project, managed to get to EPCOT to get the October pass holder pin, and get a new popcorn bucket.  Yes, I managed to get a new bucket for Halloween, very cute, with popcorn and everything.

I must admit, sleep has been illusive though.  Too many picture running through my head.  Some good, some not, but all important in their own way.  Much like waiting for hurricane Irma, I managed to over load on news this week.  Try not to do that if you can.  I think that’s why it was hard to settle and get to sleep.  I’ll have to work on that this week.

It would be nice to have a normal week this week, whatever normal might be.  Just being able to focus on the mundane stuff sounds good for now.  My daughter has pictures and swimming, my other daughter has class, and I’m off Monday for Columbus Day.  Gotta love that!

After significant events, getting back to normal, or the new normal, is key to recovering from trauma recovery.  We never forget events, but the idea is to integrate the images and memories and move forward with the new knowledge.  I will be better when the next hurricane comes around, and when the next shooting happens in our country, I’m just hoping that I’m not in the middle of the event.  If I am, I’m hoping to be next to a Veteran, who will know what to do.

As we get back to work, and to normal tasks like going to the grocery store and cleaning the toilet, we do need to talk about events with others.  Talking about things are important in the process of recovery as well.  Talk about things with friends, family, and others, depending on who will listen.  Write about how you feel in a journal.  Watch your favorite feel good movie.  Make some comfort food.  Do things that are helpful to you, and get some sleep.

Weekends for most are for relaxation and rest, for spending time with family and getting things done around the house.  This weekend, I worked on getting back to normal after a month of stress.  I’ll get back to the new normal soon, and as a family we will continue to move forward.  Don’t forget what’s happened over the last few weeks.  Make it a part of you, and let it make you stronger and more prepared for the next time we are faced with an event where heroes will prevail again.  Be comforted by those around you, even if you don’t know them yet.  A stranger may be the one to help you recover from whatever you are going through.  Don’t give up your faith and trust in humanity, and the American way.  We will survive and be stronger, and happy again.