Let’s Talk About School Friendships

Going to high school, or middle school, it tough at best.  Friendships change, grow, and disintegrate through school years.  Some of them last and others don’t.  Some people have friends that they grow up with and are in contact with into adulthood.  Many people that we attend high school with, we really never see again, but getting through this difficult time can be hard and stressful.

Many kids have trouble with drama in school, but they also have issues with knowing what to do when things happen.  Things are not the same these days, and kids are talking about and having to deal with things that students have never had to deal with before.  As we talk about how to manage the drama and issues that happen at school, just remember that you don’t have to fix anything.  You just need to get through it.  It does get better as you get older.

Many students are going through things, including trying to better understand who they are, what they are becoming, and how they fit into the world.  As they do this, things are hard and it’s not uncommon for students to have issues with situational depression, anxiety, and fear about the future.  This can lead to thoughts of hurting yourself or others and needs to be taken seriously, however adults need to be involved to better assess what’s happening and how to help.

Lots of times, students will tell their friends about how they are feeling, then swear the friend to secrecy.  That puts the friend in a tough position of trying to make sure the person is safe, but trying not to break their trust.  It also puts the student at risk for more issues and deeper emotional scarring.  Talking about feelings is important, and talking with friends seems like a good idea but talking to someone who can help is important and often friends are having their own issues.  They are also not trained to help with the issues that may need to be addressed.  The idea is to keep everyone safe, and keep you from hurting.  With help and support, things can be better.

Many students are struggling with issues related to school, family, and friends.  The feelings can be overwhelming, and the hope is that students have good relationships with their parents and can talk with them, or another safe adult, to try to manage the emotions that can cause the sadness and anxiety.  If relationships with parents are strained or part of the issues, guidance counselors are trained to help students and talk them through difficult situations and help to make things better.  Growing up isn’t easy, and having to do that in todays world is even harder.

No matter what is happening in your life, there are adults standing by who want to help, even if it doesn’t seem that way.  They are trained to handle tough stuff, and have probably heard about the issues that you are struggling to manage.  They have been where you are, and even though times change, learning to understand emotions and how they work is hard but adults will help you handle things if you give them a chance.  Your friends care about you, but many times, they can’t handle what you are going through.  They want to get help for you.  Please let them.  It will help you both.