Quote for the Day

There is always a different perspective, even when things don’t seem to be going well.  Nothing will ever be perfect, and striving for perfection will only disappoint.  I struggled with the whole issues of perfection for a long time.  As much as I wanted things to be perfect, they were never perfect.  I missed out on some good times, waiting for perfection.

Learn to enjoy, and live for the moment.  Have fun, and look beyond the little things.  Do things that make you happy, and be happy where you are!

The Muppet Christmas Carol has a scene with Scrooge seeing the love that he lost.  He complained that there wasn’t enough money to get married yet, but what he didn’t see is that he was already rich.  He had love, and someone who cared about him.  Don’t miss out on life, waiting for things to be perfect, and end up lonely.

Whether you are waiting for the perfect house, the perfect job, they perfect bank account, or whatever, don’t miss out on life waiting.  You might miss out on the very thing or person that gets you as close to perfect that you could get.