Quote for the Day


I have heard this quote before, and it’s been said in similar ways by other people, but it’s so true.  Children and their creativity are the most important resource that we have.

Do you see your children as our greatest natural resource?  Are you caring for your resources and protecting them?  Part of a parent’s job is to protect those resources until they are needed.

Our children are needed to make the future better, hopefully more than we can imagine at this time.  They will have ideas and plans that will move our world forward.  They will need the creativity they have as children to envision a new world, a better world that is ready for the next generation.  Nurture your resources and teach them how to treat others as they would like to be treated.  Give them a respect for authority and for others, and for themselves.  Encourage them to be all they can become, and to be happy, for life.