Happy Birthday

Today is my daughter’s birthday, so we have been enjoying our day.  That made me think of the importance of celebrating ourselves and each other on the anniversary of our birth.  There are people born every day, and there are people lost every day, but to celebrate life is so important.  Today we celebrated my daughter in our family, and so many other people celebrated today as well.

How do you celebrate your birthday?  I’m coming to the point were having another birthday isn’t all that exciting, but that doesn’t mean I don’t want to celebrate my special day every year.  I wish you could have a birthday, and not get a year older.  I think that would be ideal, but because it doesn’t work that way, I still like to celebrate.  I like to get a store bought cake, because I really like bakery frosting, chocolate cake with white frosting and flowers.  That’s my favorite.

My daughter on the other hand made a cake, frosted it, and decorated it with things I found at the store.  My other daughter likes ice cream cakes, and my husband like pineapple upside-down cake.  I bet if you asked the people around you they would likely have lots of different ways to celebrate their birthday.  When we lived closer to family, we would all go out to eat for birthdays, as one big family.  That made birthdays more special.  Now that we live farther away, we go out on the weekend and the birthday person generally gets to pick dinner, if we don’t go out on the birthday.

That got me thinking about how others celebrate their birthday.  I have a friend that celebrates a birthday week, tiara and all.  Another friend likes to have dinner at home for her birthday.  Some people take the day off work to just enjoy the day.  Others don’t like to think about it and just do the normal things and pretend it isn’t happening.  Some people plan elaborate vacations to celebrate their birthday, while others go out with friends.  Regardless, celebrate your day in a way that makes you smile and feel good about the future.

Some religions don’t celebrate birthdays.  Jehovah’s Witnesses celebrate only the birth of Christ, and not each other’s birthdays.  There are other religions too, I think, that don’t celebrate birthdays or other holidays, so we do have to be understanding that others may not celebrate their birthday, but if you do, have fun.

Living another year is something to celebrate.  Sometimes, waking up another day is something to celebrate.  Life is not a given.  There are no assurances that we will live happily ever after, no matter how many Disney movies and parks I attend.  Although I would like to think about living happily ever after, I know I have to work at it, but one day a year, it’s nice to celebrate life, and me.  We all work hard at the things we do, whether we are working as a parent, a therapist, a nurse, a daughter, or anything.  Celebrate yourself on your special day.  Do something nice for yourself, that brings a smile, even if it just going to bed early because you can.  Take care of yourself, and whenever it might be,  Happy Birthday!