Watching The News

I’m focused on things that can make me happy, and help me feel better.  I love to watch happy movies and other things on television but I do not watch the news on television.  I must admit that I struggle with news channels and the way the news is presented these days.  It really shows the state of our nation, and the state of our nation is sad.

One thing that bothers me, when it come to government, is that our elected officials seem to blame each other for things, but can’t work together to get much accomplished.  I remember the book All I ever needed to know I learned in kindergarten? In kindergarten we learn to pick up our toys, to play nice, and  to share.  We also learn to take responsibility for our actions, and we usually get in trouble when we blame others.  It’s too bad that many adults have trouble with lessons learned so long ago.

I also struggle with the drama that the media creates.  The say things about people that may or may not be true, but they do it for ratings.  I remember walking through the store recently and on one magazine, someone was getting married to his new interest, and on another magazine he was reuniting with his ex wife.  If the news always reported the facts, one actress would have had 3 children by now, and Prince William would have at least 5 kids including a set of twins.

When it comes to front line news, the media seems to like to create conspiracy theories.  It’s no wonder that the courts can find jurors to try court cases after all the misinformation that comes out about events.  People are shown in a negative light, that may be innocent of wrong doing, just because of the ratings or selling magazines.

How did we get to this point?  Does the press reporting so much negatively make us feel better about our own lives?  I know I don’t feel better when I see people raked over the coals on television, or in magazines.  I know that keeping up with what’s happening is important, but I choose not to watch privileged white men talking about how we should think.

I believe that the only way we really know the truth about things is to review all the facts, read and research the issues, and make decisions about what’s real and what’s not.  The problem is, we don’t really get facts on the news.  We seem to get a regurgitated idea of what’s real based on someone else’s filter.  I do my best not to judge situations, or people, without really understanding who they are.  I will never meet the people I see in the news, at least I don’t think I will, but I can’t judge them based on what I see on TV.

I really haven’t watched the news in years, and don’t plan to start anytime soon.  The news is negative and judgmental.  Don’t believe everything you see.  If it matters to you, look into it deeper.  Get the facts.  Make your own decisions and believe in your opinions.  Don’t let the news magazines or channels shape your opinions.  You are smart.  Think for yourself and be happy for life.