EPCOT Food and Wine Festival Coming to a Close

The Food and Wine Festival is coming to a close this month, and I have enjoyed going.  The food is amazing as usual, and the only thing I didn’t care for this year was the cotton candy drink in the neon room.  The room itself was very interesting, but the drink was not my thing.  As the festival comes to a close, I look forward to next year, and hope to visit more often.

I missed so many things this year that I had hoped to catch, but maybe next year we will be able to see more.  One of the things I didn’t get to do as often as I would like is going to listen to the music.  There are bands during the festival and we caught a couple, but there were so many others that we wanted to see.  There is also music in the Great Britain pavilion and if you haven’t heard them, they are really good!

I also missed some of the food being served.  I think if I had gone every weekend, I probably would have still missed some of the booths.  Even though the portions are small, eating a couple is really filling.  Between the main course and the deserts, it could take weeks to get through everything without wanting to purge a couple times a day.  The walking helps, because I think it keeps the digestion going, but it is so filling, and fun.

Watching people at this festival is also interesting.  The longer you wander around the lagoon, the more interesting people get, or maybe it’s intoxicated.  I like to find a table in Germany and just watch people go by.   I think it’s far enough back, and you can get some amazing caramel corn and just sit and watch.  I also like Africa to watch the world go by.  I am also intrigued by the carvers in Africa.  I could watch them for hours.  They are there year around, so that’s not specific to the festival.  Enjoy them at will!

I managed to get all the buttons for pass holders.  They were nice but I have to admit that I miss the glasses from years past.  My kids love to use the glasses for water.  It did like the pictures last year too.  I’m still hoping to have them framed.  I wish I could afford more of the art from the festival.  In the main festival pavilion, the pictures there were really nice.  I would have purchased a couple, but finances being what they are, I will just dream.

So as the festival comes to a close, enjoy a bit if you can.  If you can’t, maybe plan for next year.  If you don’t come for the food, come to read the shirts.  Many people make up their own shirts, and many are hilarious.  One year, I wish I could just take pictures of the shirts.  Find something to enjoy this week, or create your own food and wine festival.   Get a group together and enjoy their company.  You don’t have to travel to enjoy great food, wine, and friends.  You can have a great time at home, and it will help you be happy for life!