Surviving Trauma

Sometimes, working with clients, I have to convince them that there are people in the world that want to help others.  Some people grow up with the idea that people don’t care.  We learn how to relate to people by how we are treated by our family.  We learn what to think about others, but sometimes we also overcome what we are taught by our families.  I believe that the human race is generally good, and that we want to help others.

Even the most disconnected people can feel better when they help others.  Even the most traumatized people can get help and turn their life around.  In the recent past, with a few people that take the lives of others, we have pulled together as neighbors, a nation, and as human beings to help, provide support and heal the devastation with faith and hope.  I believe that the human race is generally good, and I have hope that the recent events don’t overshadow the good things that can happen in the future.

As I watch coverage of the events this year, I am overwhelmed by how we can come together to help others.  It warms my heart and gives me hope.  I have struggled with what to say to my kids at times, to try to explain why things happen.  I wish there was a reason for events.  If there was a reason, we would know how to fix it.  The truth is, everyone sees life through different eyes.  People who have been through horrifying events, turn their lives into helping others, and people who have been blessed with options and resources can turn and create horrific scenes.  People can survive trauma, and so many do with the help of others.

I have said before that some people are successful because of their family, and some people are successful in spite of them.  Families teach children how to see the world by what they do and say.  So many adults that I have worked with grew up with hate, abuse, and pain.  They work hard every day to try to change that education and to feel more, and love more, and make a different life for their children and themselves.  I am always amazed by their courage and strength as they move through the process.  Make no mistake, it’s a struggle, but the reward is amazing to watch.  That too gives me so much hope, and often restores my faith in humanity.

I believe that people want to be happy, but sometimes get lost on the way.  They want to care for their family.  They want a chance to feel productive and needed.  They need the help of those around them to remember that things can be different, and no matter how bad things look, they are good and they have something to offer.  Helping others leaves a legacy of paying life forward, and giving hope to a new generation.  So how will you show your humanity today?  Who can you help?  Do you need to overcome your past, or change your present?  Do what you can to show your humanity, show people you care, accept their help in return, and be happy, for life.