A Season of Joy

I have to admit, I so love the holidays.  As we prepare for Thanksgiving, the holiday season is coming to life, and I enjoy the decorations.  They are going up all over, including our neighborhood, other neighborhoods, and the theme parks in Florida are looking beautiful.  I must say that we don’t decorate like we used to, but I enjoy going to see all the decorations around the community.  The lights and beautiful trees, and so many other things like the flowers just make me feel happy and thankful for the season.

Today, I went to see Cinderella’s castle, all lit up with magical “ice”.  After the show I just stood in the park and watched the castle.  I really can’t explain the feeling, but it’s beautiful.  The castle looks good all year, but at the holidays, it looks that much more beautiful with the lights.  The Magic Kingdom is twinkling again with small lights and big lights.  Many colors and types are around the park, on trees and other things that are there all year, but those things just look festive for the season.

I think that is one of the things about the season that I like so much.  Things that you see all year are festive and exciting, from houses to people to the community.  Although there are Scrooges out there, most people are more giving around the holidays, unless there is a big sale or it’s Black Friday.   Coworkers are busy organizing events for us to celebrate (any excuse for food is usually good, but it’s nice to take breaks and remember that we can have fun).  There is a steady stream of food to snack on, and a festive air all around.

I have to say that we have lots to be thankful for around this time of year.  We have family and friends, and loved ones around to help us celebrate, even if it’s from far away.  We have a roof over our heads, and can afford to get things for a meal that we enjoy.  We are able to get gifts for each other, and gifts to donate for those how can’t, and health that allows us to enjoy the season.  When I think about all that we have to be thankful for,  I have to remember other families that struggle around this time of year.  Whether the struggle is emotional or financial, I wish that everyone could have a season that they dream of.

I remember growing up, and have very fond memories.  I remember sitting at the little kids table, eating too much, and snow.  Living in Florida now, we don’t have any snow, and I have to admit that I miss it (sometimes), but we are still making memories.  We had years with one child sick, as in really sick, fever and all.  We had years were we traveled and years we were home.  As I work with people I realize how lucky I have been and how grateful I am for my parents and my family.   As a child I liked the presents, but as an adult I just like being together.

As we fall into the holiday season, enjoy the little things.  Enjoy the lights and decorations, whether they are in your house or you visit them around your community.  Be a little nicer.  Donate to a charity, whether food or toys.   Give back, if you can’t.  If you need help to make your holiday better, don’t be ashamed to ask.  When things change and you are able, give back, but for now don’t be ashamed to ask.  Keeping the season alive and well, in your heart, helps when it comes to being happy for life.