My Happy Place

Well, I was lucky enough to visit my happy place this weekend, and Christmas is over.  The ginger bread is gone, and the decorations are coming down.  The Magic Kingdom still looks “holidayish”, but the resorts are back to normal.  It’s always a pleasure to be in my happy place, but I will say that I learned a valuable lesson this weekend, that I had forgotten prior.  Do not try to get around the World on Marathon day!

Years ago, when my oldest daughter was young (around 19 months, she is now 14), my family was staying at Disney World in early January.  We had reservations for Chef Mickey, for breakfast, and all eight of us had to make it to the Contemporary resort for our reservation on Sunday.  For those of you not aware of the events at Disney World, the marathon goes throughout the resort, including all four parks.  It makes getting anywhere, almost impossible.  In order to get anywhere, you have to double or triple the time it would normally take, and be prepared to sit in crazy traffic.  Needless to say, getting to our breakfast reservation took forever!  I thought I learned my lesson that day, but apparently, I forgot.

Today, I was hoping to get a nice walk in before returning home after a short stay in the area for the weekend.  I left to head for the Animal Kingdom, to see the animals and have a nice morning walk (something that helps me with stress management).  Getting to the park was a challenge and I sat in traffic as I watched the marathon runners run by me.  I finally managed to get to the parking lot, and into the park.  The park was busy, but I walked on to the safari, and got to see lots of animals, including the lions.  The ride said 15 minute wait, but I walked all the way through and on to a truck.  It was great.  I finished the ride, walked around the park a bit more, and headed for the car.

I walked to the car, through the parking lot, and after a short detour to get out, I thought I was doing okay.  I turned down a back road to get back to our vacation home, and low and behold, a parking lot.  After waiting for a while, I tried to turn around a go a different way.  The runners were long gone, and the crews were out to clean up and get things back to normal, but the traffic was backed up for ever.  Turning around to go a different way, still meant being stuck in traffic with no other way out.

Disney is so good at managing traffic, but today, it was a nightmare.  What should have taken my 10 minutes took 60 minutes.  After my experience today, please be aware.  Do not try to get around at Disney on the marathon weekend.  It will cause stress, anger, frustration, and take lots of gas.  Enjoy your resort.  Get to a park and enjoy yourself until late in the afternoon.  Don’t try to get around the resort, either by driving or on a bus.  You will be stuck often in traffic, and it won’t help you be happy for life.