There Should Be Cake

So many things are hard, as an adult.  Paying bills, working full time, caring for kids and family members all tax our energy and stamina to keep going.  We lose sleep, have trouble concentrating, forget where we put things, and still we manage to make dinner, help with homework, and keep everyone in clean laundry.  When you think about things and how you manage to keep everything going, remember this very important thought.  There should always be cake.

Now, let’s take a moment and define your kind of cake.  I’m not talking just about the kind you bake in the oven, and put frosting on top.   Your cake might be fishing in a boat, or hunting, or shopping  (if you can afford that), or Disney World.  Everyone has different cake.  Whatever your cake, it’s something that helps you recharge your batteries, feel better about your life, and renews your resolve and gets you back to work.  Some people have cake that is pretty and decorated, and very easy to enjoy.  Other’s have cake that might not be pretty, but it’s comfortable and it works for them.

When I think about my cake, I love the cake that you bake and put frosting on, but I also love Disney World, reading, and camping (still hoping for that RV some day).   As I talk with people, both patients and people I meet, they talk about their cake in many different ways.  A car left to them by a family member, traveling to other countries, knitting, quilting, music, or performing are just some of the examples that I have heard.  Some love to just go to old car shows and others ride motorcycles around the country.  When you think about your cake, think about the things that you love to do.  Think about your cake as something that helps give you a reason to get out of bed in the morning.

So how often should you partake in cake?  That’s up to you.  I try to do something small for myself daily, like a nice bath, or an Icee (I love those!).  Some people do things daily, others, weekly.  Whether it’s daily, every other day, or weekly, do something nice for yourself and make sure that you treat yourself well.  Find your favorite soap or shampoo because it helps you look your best.  Just make sure the you are also minding your budget.  Living out of your means (over spending and going into debt) isn’t helpful and only causes more stress, and will defeat the purpose of your treat.  If you have to save to make something work, like a vacation, find a way to make it happen.  Taking a vacation that’s paid for before you leave, make the vacation that much better.

Regardless, think about what kind of cake you like.  Enjoy it while you can, and let the treat help you stay charged to make everything else in your life work.  It’s not easy to keep juggling all the balls that we juggle, but having a bit of cake every now and then can help us keep those balls in the air just a bit longer.  It’s important when you think about being happy for life.