Time to Reflect

Every now and then, it’s good to reflect, on where you have been and where you are headed.  Taking time to look at progress and failures can help as you move forward.  Today I pass an interesting milestone, and want to take time to think about just that.  I’m hoping to think about where I have been and where I’m headed, get ideas as I move into the future, and continue to organize a plan for success.  Today, I celebrate my 100th post, and amazingly enough, I have really enjoyed blogging.

Celebrating, because there should always be “cake”!

I have to admit when I started, I wasn’t sure about my goals, and what I wanted to accomplish.  In the first few months, I experimented, but I also floundered a bit.  At times, I struggled and felt lost, so initially the blog was to help me focus, and I still feel that it’s my primary goal.  Writing has helped my learn things about myself, that I forgot or lost track of, but it has also helped me get better as a therapist.  As I research information for posts, it helps refresh my knowledge and understanding of different issues.  It keeps information fresh and benefits my patients.

These days, therapy is focused on short term treatment, to teach skills that can be used to improve your life for long term.  I agree that skills are important, but I don’t believe that anyone gets “fixed” in 8 session, even 12 sessions.  Changes come over time, and writing this blog has convinced me that my change will also happen over time.   I believe more than ever that my life is what I make it, and as I review the last 99 posts, I have more to say.  I started the blog in August 2017, and the longer I write the more I understand that I have more to say.

Life is about fun, and work, and family, and learning, and so much more.  I feel I have more information to present related to mental health support, but I still want to have fun and remind people that life can’t be all about work.  It has to balance with spending time with family.  I’m still working on my goals to go camping, see more of the country, and share the magic of history with my kids.  I want to travel, and visit interesting places I see on TV (Ariel America, one of my favorite shows).   I think I’m getting better at finding the balance, but I still have a long way to go.

As I think about the next 100 posts, I think about more support for mental health issues, more info on Disney (still love Disney), more info on kids and family, and more info about growing into the person that you want to be.  As the world changes, so do we.  As we are presented with new experiences, our view of the world changes.  As people come in and out of our lives, we change.  We bring things with us, we remember things, and sometimes we forget who we are suppose to be.

Moving forward, I will do my best to keep sharing and growing.  I will do my best to stay positive and supportive.  I will also do my best to stay focused on what’s important.  It’s all a part of being happy for life!