Good Days and Bad

There are good and bad things that happen every day.  There are also days with more good than bad, and days with more bad than good.  Sometimes you can turn a bad day into good, but the idea of turning a good day into bad is thought provoking at best.  Being able to turn a bad day into good is a skill that people should have, because it’s possible.  Today is a good day for me.  I don’t have to work, I’m able to be home with my family, and I got to have breakfast at Disney, so I can’t complain.  I you are having a bad day, what do you do to try to turn things around?

In talking and working with people over the years, I try to teach a number of skills that people can use today and for years to come.  Counseling is to be a short term support, not a long term reliance, so teaching skills is important to help people manage their issues over the long term.  Part of feeling better is using coping skills that can change thoughts to a more positive frame of mind.  When I think about skills that can help turn a bad day into a good day, I think about activities that create a more positive outlook.

There are many ways to turn things around.  If you have a bad day at work, focus on family or other more positive things at home.  Look into a new job, and see if there is any other jobs that you might like better.   Go for a walk or exercise.  Getting active releases chemicals in the brain that improve your mood.    Whatever the event, try to think about the positive parts of the event.  Sometimes, finding the positive parts are hard, and it may take a bit, but it’s possible.  

Journaling can help keep track of ways that you are able to make changes in the way you feel, and things that you do help improve you mood and outlook.  Keeping track of activities can help you remember what to do, even if you are  really struggling.   Keeping track of events can also help you prepare for future events in order to have a plan for those events.   History is the best predictor of the future, which makes understanding the past that much more important.  As you develop a list of things that can help you refocus and feel better about things, go back to that list when you need it.  After a really bad day, it’s hard to think about anything other than going to bed, getting drunk (not recommended), or other bad things.   Having a list can help you pull yourself out of a slump faster.

For me, I think about the future.  I look at pictures and think about my bucket list.  I plan for the future and things I would like to do.  I spend time with my family or go for a walk.  I bake something fun, like a treat.  I write, or do math (I know, geeky!).   It talk with family and friends for support, and to support them.  Trying to stay positive is hard, and I am very blessed with the options that we have as a family, but bad days still happen.

Don’t forget to think about things that help you feel better.  Remember to keep track of your outlook and how to get yourself out of a bad day when they come.  They will come, but having things to do to help change your mood can help you stay happy for life.