Disney Dreaming

No happy place for me this weekend, but that won’t stop me from dreaming of my next trip.  I told my family that I would rather be playing Candy Crush, sitting in a Disney park, than sitting on my couch at home.  I stand behind that, so when I can’t be there, I enjoy looking at pictures, getting on the Disney sites, planning future trips (whether I take them or not), or making some kind in Mickey food.  It’s amazing how many things you can make in the shape of Mickey’s head.  From pancakes, to cupcakes, to just eating off a Mickey plate, there is no end to extending the magic home.  So, since I’m home this weekend, I’m still getting good energy from my happy place.

Last weekend, I was lucky enough to make it to the Magic Kingdom for the fireworks show.  I enjoyed Wishes, the previous night time show at the Magic Kingdom, but the new show is excellent.  With the combination of fireworks and pictures on the castle, the whole show is wonderful.  It’s nights like last weekend that I can remember when I can’t be there, and that keeps me happy.  You can also see most shows on the internet, from Fantasmic to It’s a Small World, the videos are available to see any time.  It’s not the same as being there in person, but they are fun to watch.

I also like to watch television shows.  I found the recent Disney Fairy Tail Wedding shows on my OnDemand for my cable company.  I love watching those.  I always wanted a Disney wedding, but didn’t end up with one (my bank account is thankful for that).  I still love to watch the events, and have even been at the Grand Floridian to see the carriage, and brides doing pictures.  I even got to see a “first look” recently, when the groom got to see the bride for the first time.  That made me cry, it was so touching.  

I don’t encourage people to live in the future, but I do encourage them to dream.  I often think about upcoming events, and I’m looking forward to the upcoming EPCOT Yard and Garden Festival.  I enjoy the festival for the butterflies, the topiaries, and the food.  It’s not as crazy as the Food and Wine Festival, but fun none the less.  I really enjoy seeing all the flowers at the festival.  As you can tell, I really like flowers, and although I like to take pictures, I’m not the best photographer.  That doesn’t really matter to me, because I like the pictures anyway.  The festival is coming up at the end of February, so I’ll be there for the festival as often as I can.

Even if you can’t get to your happy place, remember you can always do other things if you need to recharge your batteries.  I like to go to Disney to renew my faith in humanity, but when I can’t go, I am able to renew my faith by planning and enjoying parts of my happy place.  Whatever your happy place, make sure that you have ways to renew your faith, or recharge your batteries when you need it.  Take some time to feel better, and move forward.  It’s all part of being happy for life.