A Word of Hope and Peace

I was lucky enough to be at EPCOT last night, for Illuminations.  I love that show.  The fireworks are great, but the message is of peace and the world working together on the planet we call home.  I have probably seen that show about 50 times by now, but it touches me every time I go.  I think because I watched the opening of the Olympic games the other night, I was thinking about all the things happening this weekend, and it touched me even more.  It made me think about all the things that happen around the world, and how the human race always seems to recover.  There have been violence, natural disasters, and so many other events that test our resolve and faith, and we always seem to overcome.  Humanity is resilient, no matter what fate seems to throw, we recover stronger than before.

I watch the news and I know about the issues with North and South Korea.  Watching the team walk into the games on Friday, together, was meaningful and brought hope to me, and I hope to many others.  It also made me think about the World Wars, and the current power of terror groups, Vietnam and Desert Storm.  I thought about 9/11, and the mass killings in our country.  Our history is full of war and destruction and death.  It’s also full of resolve and resilience and change.  Over the years, our ancestors have had the courage to rebuild, regroup, and get stronger.  They helped each other and provided support to their neighbors.  They build new cities, developed new technology, and kept our world moving forward.  As odd as it sounds, I got great comfort from this thought.

After 9/11, the country came together to support each other, and people joined the military to fight for our nation.  There were heroes all over the country, and the heroes on the flight that went down in Pennsylvania probably saved more lives.  After the attacks in this country, from terrorist related events to the lone gunman, heroes emerged and saved lives that might have been lost.  People pulled together and survived unspeakable actions of a minority of people focused on hurting others.  We should celebrate our heroes, our first responders, and so many others, including our Olympic team currently competing for the gold.

We go on, not just as individuals, but as human beings, sharing love, humor, and pain.  Nothing that happens is isolated anymore.  We share each other’s pain and sadness, but also our success and accomplishments.  The trials and tribulations of our world travel quickly over the internet, and the news sparks change and learning.  It touches us in a way that makes us stronger.  It creates memories that we can learn from, share with others, and pass on to the next  generation.   There will be more heroes in our future.  There will be more pain, and there will be more success.  As we work together, there will be more life.

The terror groups have had their day, and the war on terror is still going.  We will get through this period of our world, as we have survived the others, and be stronger for it.  We continue to learn and grow, and circle the sun on our Spaceship Earth, and together we can make things better.  Separately, we can make a difference, and together we can respect each other and enjoy all the world has to offer.  It’s all a part of being happy for life, and on the planet we call home.