EPCOT Flower and Garden Festival- Weekend 2

I am often in awe of people who have special gifts and can make gardens look amazing, and cook such wonderful creations that taste so scrumptious.  I enjoy cooking and baking, but I am no chef, or gourmet for that matter.  Baking is my favorite, but if I baked half as much as I would like, I would weigh 500 pounds by now, so I try not to do it often.  At the festival this weekend, I focused on the gardens and topiaries, so I’ll come back to the food in another post.  As usual, the floral show at the festival is wonderful, although I don’t think I could do that either.

I love flowers.  I wish I had more in my yard but then I would have to water, weed, and care for them.  That’s why it’s nice to visit other places with gardens, especially ones that I don’t have to maintain.  There are many different gardens this year and the theme seems to be butterflies and big flowers.  The butterfly gardens are so nice to sit and enjoy, and the butterfly tent is back and lovely.  I sat and watched kids as they took in the sites in the tent.  They were so excited, and one little boy had a butterfly land on his arm.  Although the butterfly didn’t stay long when he saw it, it really made me smile.

As I walked around, from the front of the park to World Showcase, I stopped to see all the flowers, gardens, and displays.  I also watched people as they stopped at each display to admire.  Some people were focused on other things, but many admired the finery.  I listened to people as they talked, and appreciated the sense of beauty that was available to see.  Of the people I heard, visitors seemed to agree that the festival was worth the visit.   One of the things I remember most was a little boy, who when he saw the Woody topiary, talked about it endlessly.  He is probably still talking about it.  He looked so happy.

My favorites for topiaries this year, were many.  Lightening McQueen and Cruz were great, over by Test track.  Winnie the Pooh was adorable, between Canada and Great Britain, but my favorite again this year was Beauty and the Beast in France.  Belle is my favorite princess, because she was able to see past the outside appearance, to the person inside, a skill I wish more people had.  I enjoyed them all, but those were my top three.  Honorable mention goes to Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy at the front entrance.  I still wish I had the talent to be able to bring to life such beautiful displays.

All in all, the festival is grand this year, as usual.  I enjoyed being there to see all the gardens and flowers, and also to see all the people out enjoying the sights and the weather.  It’s nice weather here in Florida with temps in the 70’s recently, which to me is perfect.  I enjoy Disney anyway, but the Festival makes it all the more special.  I hope you find things to do that help with your happiness.  This weekend was great, and just another way to be happy for life.