Don’t Be Afraid

So many times, we miss opportunities to make changes in our lives because we struggle to take the risk.  Thinking outside the box can open up new options and chances to improve your situation can mean moving your life in a better directions, whether it’s related to relationships, work, or any other situations.  Sometimes, new chances present as a spontaneous, and other times it can be right in front of you but you haven’t been paying attention.  Don’t miss those chances, however small.  Take time to read, and get fresh ideas.  Go experience events that you don’t know anything about.  Drive a different way to a place you have been often.  Explore places that you have always wanted to go.  Take the time to experience all the things around you.  

I work with many people who are processing options and trying to decide what to do.  Some of them are facing medical issues, and deciding about treatment options that are life threatening.  Some people are thinking about a move.  They might be working on moving across town, or across the country, but the idea is scary.  I have worked with people thinking about getting married, and others who are thinking about divorce.  From having children, to adoption, to becoming a foster parent, there are so many things that people think about.  Thinking about difficult decisions is important and sometimes talking it out becomes the key to making the decision that is best for you.

When I work with people, we work on making a list of pros and cons to the decision.  Reviewing that list becomes important and talking more about each item helps to really put the option in view.  Often, new things come up that were not considered the first time, but things also don’t seem as bad when they are talked about in the context of the outcome.  Sometimes, the person has more research to do, and when they come back they better understand how to move forward.  Other times, they review and continue to research and better understand that the option won’t work for them, and they continue to try to review other options.  If you want to sell your house and move across town, or across the country, research related to housing prices where you want to go is important.  If you are faced with a life threatening medical condition and you have to decide whether to proceed.  You weigh quality of life and so many other things, but knowing the details and options can comfort you as you make difficult decisions.

No matter what you are trying to decide, or change, or think about, don’t be afraid to take a chance.  Don’t be afraid to step outside your comfort zone.  Don’t be afraid to make changes in your life that help you see a better future.  If you are watching a movie in a theater, but can’t see well, moving helps change your perspective and can help you enjoy the movie even more.  If you change your perspective, it can help change your quality of life, and your future for the better.  Don’t be afraid to be happy, for life.