Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Posted on April 22, 2018 by in Disney

I have been going to Disney World now for many years.  Even prior to living in Florida, I was lucky enough to visit once a year, sometimes more, and I enjoyed every visit.  My first visit was around 1978, and my family stayed at the campground.  My next visit was in 1993, and Disney Studios was the newest park, and I remember attending the parade, with the Aladdin camels, and thinking “I have to come back”.   After that, I went alone and stayed at the All Star Music Resort in 1998, and since then, I was hooked.  Over the years, I have enjoyed each park, and each have a special place in my heart.  I have to admit that EPCOT is great for the special events, and I so enjoy the Food and Wine Festival, but my favorite park has to be The Animal Kingdom.  

The park opened in 1998, the year of my visit, so I was able to attended the park in the first year.  It was different back then, and things have changed, but I enjoyed seeing the animals and the shows.  The show in the pavilion where Nemo is now was the Tarzan show.  That was my favorite show on property, and I would return in a heartbeat if they ever bring it back.  I get teased that I liked Tarzan in the loin cloth, but I really liked the Monkeys!  They were on rollerblades, and skated through the audience, and with the music and the fun, it was a great show.

The Lion King show was in a different place, where Pandora is now, and the safari had poachers that you chased to save the elephant.  The animals have changed, but I still love watching the monkeys.  When I was little, my father would go on business trips and ask what I wanted him to bring me back, and I would say a monkey.  He brought me back a wooden one, once.  Not what I wanted but at least he was listening.  When I go visit, I usually go on Sundays, before heading home, to walk.  One morning, I got to listen to the monkeys “singing” in the morning.  Wasn’t sure what it was at first, but it was so fun to just sit and watch them flying around and calling to each other.

There are things to like about the other parks, but the Animal Kingdom is beautiful from the animals to the foliage.   All the parks have beautiful landscaping, but there is something special about the landscaping there.  The trees and the flowers are worth the trip.  The attractions are great as well.  The new Pandora ride is great, and the Yeti rollercoaster is fun.  The Lion King show is not to be missed, and the safari is wonderful.  There are so many other things in the park as well, and the show at night is worth seeing.  I still miss the Tarzan show, but the other things are good too.

When it comes to Disney World, I enjoy all the parks, and Downtown (now Disney Springs).  I would happily go to any park, given the opportunity, but don’t miss The Animal Kingdom.  Enjoy the food, the rides, the shows (even Nemo is good, just not as good as Tarzan), and the beauty of the park.  Take it in and just breath, relax, and enjoy.  It can be a part of your quest to be happy, for life.