EPCOT Adventure

I love going to Disney, and sometimes I notice things I haven’t before.  As many times as I have been there, there is still so much that I haven’t seen or done, so that’s not a surprise, when I think about it.  Recently, I found new adventures at the Animal Kingdom that I hadn’t done before, and this weekend, it was back to EPCOT.  There isn’t much I missed there, but doing some of the attractions this weekend, I noticed some things that caused me to pause.  No matter how many times that I go, there is always something new.  I had the chance to return to the Flower and Garden festival over the weekend, and I noticed some things that have me thinking.

My kids like the Spaceship Earth attraction, so we often ride when we visit.  They don’t like the people and history part, they mostly like the end, where they get to pick things in the future.  This weekend, going through the ride, there is a scene where a paper boy is selling papers, with a headline that the Civil War is over.  It occurred to me that it looks like he is in an alley, with no people.  I guess with Disney’s attention to detail, they might have put him on a street with people who would look interested.  Even if they painted people, it would have made more sense as I think about it.

I also remember the old version of Test Track, and had the chance to ride the new version again yesterday.  I have to admit that I miss the “testing” that was going on in the old version.  I think that it went away to make a bigger cue line, but it was more interesting that the current cue line.  Also, I miss some of the things from the ride, like the hot and cold room.  Make no mistake, the end is still the best, but the old version was more interesting.

In walking around the park, I notice that it’s getting harder and harder to do.  I love the Food and Wine Festival, and the Flower and Garden Festival, but they are putting more and more into the park to boost attendance.  The food booths never come down, because they seem to use them year around now.  It was fun when they came down, and walking around the world showcase got easier.  Each booth takes up space, and makes sense a couple times a year, but not all year.  I don’t know if they utilize them because is more cost effective to leave them up and repurpose them, than it is to take them down, but liked it better when they went away and came back.  Now it’s just overload!

I will continue to attend, but even Disney misses details at times.  There are always things to improve, whether it’s Disney or life.  As I continue to work on improving my life, and helping others do the same, the details are important.  Don’t forget to pay attention to the details in your life.  Something as small as taking a different way to work, or going a different way in the grocery store, could give you a new perspective and lead you in a new, exciting direction.

Keep paying attention.  Keep reviewing things, and trying new things.  You deserve to be happy, and to make the most of your life.  It’s all a part of being happy for life.