Don’t be in a hurry!

So many times I hear people talking about being in a hurry.  I was lucky enough to spend this weekend at Disney.  I got to watch the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom and go for a walk at the Animal Kingdom this morning, and unfortunately, I was there in the rain.  Oddly enough I got to appreciate the rain, and just take time to watch it fall, but I also watched families, hurrying about, trying to make the most of their vacation in spite of the rain.  As I watched them trying to make the most of things, it occurred to me how many times I am in a hurry.  I thought about how many times I was just focused on getting to the destination, instead of appreciating the journey.

As odd as it sounds, one of the reasons I like the idea of camping and traveling by motor home is to appreciate the journey.  A friend once told me that a sailboat is a destination, and a motor boat gets you to your destination.  He was a sailor of course, but what he was trying to tell me was to appreciate the journey.  Sailing should be about the wind in your face, the smells and senses of being on the water.  Sailing is not about being in a hurry, it’s about appreciating sailing.  As I continue to write, I better understand what he meant.  As I look back, there are many things I have missed because I was in a hurry.

As I watched it rain, it was actually very beautiful.  It also helps me remember that sunny days are nice, but without rain, the landscape would look very different.  On days where I get to be a passenger in the car, I tend to watch the countryside, to try to see things I don’t notice when I’m driving.  There are always things I miss when I drive, actually a lot of things.  When I get to watch, there are houses, trees, and so much more that I appreciate.

In my job, I do anger management classes.  My participants often talk about anger issues while driving.  I am often frustrated by traffic, but I’m working on managing that differently.  I have been watching cars, and when going places, aggressive drivers tend to only save a couple of minute getting to their destination.  Over time that might be a significant amount of time, but the cost can be catastrophic.  People in a hurry are more likely cause accidents, have stress related illness, and shorten their lives without enjoying them.

These days it’s so easy to hurry through work, hurry your kids to grow up, and forget what’s important.  I have heard it said often that at the time of death, no one wishes they spent more time at work.  I want to slow down and enjoy my kids while I still have them.  It seems that I blinked and my oldest is ready to drive.  Sometimes I want to rush getting them graduated, but at least now they are here with me.  It’s time to enjoy that fact.

So don’t worry so much about traffic.  Don’t worry about tomorrow.  Don’t be in such a hurry and learn how to enjoy the  moment.  Enjoy the scenery and enjoy the journey.  It’s all a part of being happy for life.