Something bigger than me

As I research topics to write about, things come up that help me better understand where I want to go.   As I reviewed the news and articles today, I found an article that talked about an understanding that we have a responsibility to the greater good.  As I continued reading other articles I started to get a better idea of a topic for my next post.  One of the things that I have grown to understand is that there is a bigger purpose.  As a mother, I have a responsibility to the next generation.  As a social worker, I have a responsibility to underserved.  

I have grown to also understand, after working with families for more than 25 years, that I am so blessed to have the family and the opportunities I have been privileged to have.  While working on my master’s degree, I called my parents at one point to thank them for being there for me.  I was working with children who were removed from their parents for abuse and neglect, and it became clear to me that the family I was raised in may not have been the norm.  I had chances that not everyone had, because of my education and the support of my family.  I think that was part of my choice as I moved into my career after college.

To understand a bigger purpose, I think you have to understand a responsibility to country, society, and the world.  Today, news travels in seconds, unlike the past where news of things happening around the world took days to break.  People are filming others being racist and demeaning and those people are being exposed.  We are less likely to tolerate negative comments made by people in leadership positions, and more and more the elitist attitudes are being challenged, and so they should.  At times, too much news can be daunting, but it’s shedding light on global issues, which is needed as we grow as a global community.

In our country, we are in transition (I hope).  The rich get richer and the poor get poorer, and I don’t believe that reflects how our country was founded.  As we redefine our values, and hopefully our ethical beliefs, I hope we can return to a focus on honesty and integrity.  I hope we can look to our leaders to do what is best for our country, not what is best for their bank accounts.   I hope it becomes less about the political parties and more about doing what’s right and just.  As a part of that, we have to continue to fight, and to be a role model of the values to which we would like to return.  I hope to live in a world that doesn’t include our leaders calling people names.  I hope that our future reflects the golden rule, including doing unto others.

We have a responsibility to ourselves, to care for our bodies and our minds, but we also have a responsibility to the greater good to do the right thing.  Be a role model for good in your community.  Don’t pass judgement on things you don’t fully understand.  Don’t assume you understand an issue by reading an article on the internet.  Be informed.  Do the research, and work toward supporting the global community, as our world gets smaller ever day.  It will help you be happy, for life.