Don’t forget the sunscreen!

It’s getting warmer and it’s almost summer.  People are getting out and enjoying the weather, seeing friends and neighbors and planning vacations.  Summer is a great time of year for enjoying family and the weather, but just like in life, there are things to be mindful of, like damage from the sun.  Life is about fun and responsibility, but it’s also about preparing for the worst, and hoping for the best.  As you prepare for your summer fun, make sure you are prepared.  Get the beach chairs ready, and the beach towels.  Make sure you have a cooler with water and fruit to much on, but don’t forget the sunscreen.

Making sure you are prepared for trouble can help you be ready for those difficult times we all hope to avoid.  In trying to help others, I have learned to be prepared.  I have had clients lose their homes, their relationships, and unfortunately their children.  I’m not sure that you can ever prepare to lose your children, and after working with parents that had to bury their children, I can’t imagine the pain.  What I’m hoping is that I can make you think about how to be prepared for difficult times, not just too much sun, although that it important.

Have you ever thought about what you would do if you lost your job?  Do you have savings to pay your bills, just in case?  Do you have family or friends that can help for short term if you need it?  What would you do to save your house?  I have so many other questions, but this is a start to get you thinking.  I have always said that I would do whatever I needed to do to pay the bills for my family, even working fast food if that’s what I had to do.  So many times when working with people who can’t pay bills we talk about their options.  We talk about getting a second job, but many times I have heard “I won’t do that”, when it comes to working fast food as a second job.  It’s as if it’s beneath them.

I have been humbled often in my life, and in my career.  I have come to the understanding that nothing is beneath me if I want to be successful.  My first job was in fast food, not a chain but in a local business, and I learned a great deal in that job.  I learned about customer service, getting yelled at, and working cheap, but money is money and it gave me other options and opportunities.  Never underestimate what starting on the bottom can do for you.  Being humble is a great lesson to have, and to use as you work on your goals.

Life isn’t easy, so make sure you are prepared.  Sometimes, living paycheck to paycheck is necessary, but getting to the point when you can save feels great.  Bring an umbrella with you, in case it rains.  Have a savings, in case you have an emergency.   Never burn your bridges when you leave a job or a relationship, and always remember the sunscreen when you are headed for the beach.  These are little lessons, but ones that are meant for helping you on your quest to be happy, for life.