Surviving Summer

It’s June, and it’s hot in Florida.  That means that people are inside more, together,  and getting into arguments.  Heat often makes people anxious and angry, in many different parts of the country.   I have heard many people in Florida say they go from air conditioning to air conditioning in the summer because of the heat.  That makes it important to be more aware, and careful as we enter the summer months.  Summer should be fun, with time to enjoy the sun (with sunscreen of course) as well as food.  The hope is to find a way to enjoy the season, be happy, and stay out of conflict.  So lets talk about conflict management, and how to stay happy no matter what the temperature.

I used to work in the emergency room and the summer was full of interesting cases.  From sunburn to burns from bon fires (don’t use gas on the fire), and household accidents to car accidents, the ER is never boring.  One of the issues  that I saw often was people who were intoxicated coming in with injuries, or having mental health issues.  Heat seems to come with wanting your favorite drink, and if it’s alcohol, just be careful.  Make sure you are eating, and not overindulging.  It was common when working over night to be watching multiple people, waiting for them to come below the legal limit so we could find a discharge plan that was safe.  Biggest suggestion, be careful and stay out of the ER by being responsible and taking care of yourself.

After thinking about staying safe, make sure you are drinking lots of water.  We already had a conversation about sunscreen, so I’ll skip that today, but think about other things that can get you through the summer like a hat.  Beware of the sun, and find some shade at times.  Watch out for drama.  There seems to be a lot of drama in the summer, related to parties and more get togethers.  Heat can bring short tempers, and alcohol can take away inhibition and things can be said that can’t be taken back.  That breeds conflict, so when it comes to drama, think about events and how to handle them and limit drama.

The weather plays a big part in the season, but it can also come with thunder storms, especially in Florida.  Lots of people come to visit Florida, all year around, but coming to Florida from cooler climates can be very hard in the summer.  Where ever you choose to visit, know where you are going.  We traveled to Sweden a couple years ago.  It was light all day, and night, and cooler than Florida.  Last year we traveled to Connecticut, and I had to get my kids warmer clothing because they were unprepared.  Travel and see the country, but be prepared for the weather and whatever comes with it.

There are so many things happening in the summer, everywhere around the country.  If you stay in your own community, plan to have a good time by preparing and thinking about how to make that happened.  It sounds bad, but I have seen so many issues that are summer specific that can easily be avoided.  The idea is to avoid conflict, plan for the heat, and be happy, for life.