Going On Vacation

It’s summer and people seem to be thinking about vacations.  The kids are out of school and the television is filled with destinations and options to consider if you plan to get away from home.  From a weekend vacation to a week at a place like Disney, there are many options if you like to travel and see new places.  For some, stay-cations are the rule.  Just taking time off work to stay home for a couple days to get some things done can also help change your perspective, and keep you focused on your goal of being happy.  It’s these times when I have to reflect on vacations of the past, and plan for things in the future.

I am very blessed to have been able to travel, take vacations, and explore as I grew up.  My family spent summers traveling.  Times were different then, but fun.  We camped in a small truck camper, and when I say small, with the dinette made into a bed there was about three square feet to walk around, maybe less.  There was no bathroom, and no real kitchen, but we only really used it to sleep.  When we were camping, we were outside exploring.  With my brother and parents, I traveled to so many places.  We traveled to Disney World for the first time in the camper and stayed at the campground.  That was my first trip to Disney World and back then the campground had a water park that we got to see.  We traveled to visit family, and friends of my parents, and I remember being sunburned and covered in mosquito bites, but they are fond memories and ones that my family often laughs about.

As an adult, I took trips to Disney World, and most of the time I traveled alone.  Going alone is wonderful.  Don’t ever let anyone ever talk you out of going alone.  I took a bike trip with a friend, I went to visit places that were interesting, and met new people.  I visited family and enjoyed so many other things.  The nice thing about being single is that you can go any time of the year.  I must admit I liked it when my kids were young, and not in school, and I could take trips in January to Florida, when it wasn’t so hot.  As a family, we have tried to explore places close to where we lived.  There are so many more places I would love to see, but all in due time.

Sometimes getting away from home can help give you a new perspective.  Whether you work from home, work away from home, or are just at home, don’t underestimate the benefit from getting away sometimes.  Find a way to get away, that works with your budget.  Visit family in a far away place.   Drive to the next town to see what it’s like.  Take a day and go to a local attraction you haven’t been to visit.  Vacations don’t have to cost lots of money, but they should be something that helps you get out of your “box”, to learn something you didn’t know and to meet people that don’t see every day.

Our country is divided, and if we are to come back together, we have to come together.  Get to know each other again and remember what made this country great.  Spending time together, eating great food, and making great conversation made this country great.  We experienced each other, and when we come together, we can do amazing things.  So go out and explore!  Have some fun, and find a vacation idea that you can afford, and that challenges you to get out, off your electronics, and experience life.  It’s all a part of being happy, for life.