Moments of Clarity

Do you have moments of clarity?  I define moments of clarity as moments where things make sense.   I don’t get them often, but sometimes I have those moments were the pieces come together and for a moment I understand something I have been pondering.  I try to appreciate those moments, and remember them with hope that they will happen more often.  As I think about finding those moments of clarity, I think about things that I have to do to make things happen.  Thinking about things doesn’t make them happen.  It takes action to make changes in your life, so lets talk about how to find those moments.

First, awareness becomes important.  Being aware of how you feel and your surroundings.  Understand where you are going.  Don’t get confused by details, remember your focus.  I worked with a patient recently who wanted to take more time with her family.  She was considering changing jobs, but something happened that helped remind her about her goals, and her focus.  She was able to stop and review and remember her mission statement, that she wrote years ago.  She ended up having that moment of clarity.  Be aware of your long term goals, and keep to them, even if other distractions come up.

Second, understand your goals.  If you goal is to increase your income, manage your career to make that happen.  If your goals include making sure your family comes first, make decisions that work toward that goal.  If your goal is to simplify your life, make sure your actions are focused on that goal.  Sometimes, goals are a struggle.  For some of my patients living paycheck to paycheck, the basic things are hard.   Whether your goals include going back to school, getting a better job, increasing your income, or having less stuff, having goals help you set a direction and help with those moments of clarity.  You also have to understand when you meet your goals, or need to adjust your goals.

Third, know when your goals need to be adjusted.  If you have been working toward a new job, and you realize that it might not have been what you wanted, you will need to step back and review.  I am a firm believer in the phrase “be careful what you wish for”.  On a few occasions, I have experienced this moment of clarity, and regretted getting  my wish granted.  Remember that sometimes, the things we don’t get teach us more than the things we do.

The last thing, for today, is to acknowledge those little moments, when they happen.  So many times in our current day, we get caught up in life and we have trouble stopping to just appreciate what we have.  When you have one of those moments where things make sense stop and take notice and see how that affects your focus.  Stop to consider if the moment helps you understand is you are on the right track.   Does it change your direction back toward your goals?  When you stop to think about those moments, it can help you remember what’s important.

We go through different things every day, but when you have a moment where things make sense, you need to appreciate it.  It might be motivation to stay on your path, or it may make you change direction.  Either way, appreciate those moments when things make sense.  Take that information and improve your life.  It’s all a part of being happy, for life.