Being Responsible

Learning to be responsible can be difficult at times, but it’s important in your quest for happiness.  Being responsible around money, relationships, and healthy habits is as important as self-care when it comes to a better future.  In reading and article today, I had to think about making sacrifices today to make tomorrow better.  I have worked with individuals and families over the years, and have set goals that focused on eating healthy, setting appropriate boundaries in relationships, and saving money for a rainy day.  With so much going on in life, sometimes it’s hard to remember that being responsible is more than just going to work and paying bills.

I have worked with so many people over the years that live paycheck to paycheck, without any extra to save.  The article I read recently talked about saving money to retire early, and I wish I had done better in my early years with being more responsible about saving for the future.  Alas, that wasn’t the case and now I’m trying to catch up.  I worked with a family in the past that got a settlement for wrongful termination and spent the settlement within a month without catching up on bills.  They had to file for bankruptcy because of mishandling their money but it could have been avoided.  Don’t make mistakes with money.  Be responsible about your bills, and saving as much as you can.  Go without that latte every morning, and retire at 55 years old or sooner.  It will pay off in the end.

When you think about creating healthy habits, think about eating healthy and exercise that will keep you active for a lifetime.  I’m working to make changes in my habits, and have added walking every day, and trying to eat better to my daily regimen.  It’s hard sometimes, because I would love to sit down with Pringles and a Coke, but I know that isn’t helpful long term and I have to be responsible about my choices, for me and my kids.  Trying to change habits is hard but adjusting is worth the reward.  Adopt a healthy lifestyle that works for you, and stay as active as you can.  Do things you enjoy, and don’t give up your favorite treats.  Just limit them to a couple times a month.

When it comes to relationships, take inventory and decide what you want.  If you have negative people around you, distance yourself as much as you can (depending on the roles they play in your life) and surround yourself with people who are more supportive.  Don’t take advantage of relationships you have, like asking others for money or assuming others will take care of you.  Stand on your own two feet, and be independent.  Earn your own money, and help others when you can.  Don’t let others take advantage of you, even your kids.  It makes them dependent and puts them at risk for misery later.  If you want to find a partner, find someone who will encourage you and be there.  Find someone who helps you become the best person you can be.

I may not be able to retire early, but it’s never too late to become more responsible about my future.  It’s not too late for you either.  If you want to be healthy, decide how to make that happen.  If you want to retire at 40, start saving and planning.  If you want to upgrade relationships to see a better future, make it happen.  If there are other things you want to change, define your goals and go after them.  It’s part of what makes you happy, for life.