Disney Has Issues Too

I enjoy coming to Disney for lots of reasons, but I have to admit that my last couple trips have been riddled with issues.  I recently stayed at Bay Lake Tower and The Animal Kingdom Lodge, Jambo House, and experienced issues with room readiness, transportation, technical issues, and long lines at the hotel quick service restaurant.  Now I lost track of how many visits I have made to the parks over the last few years, and I don’t usually have any issues.  The events were surprising, which made it that much harder to manage the frustration.   I guess everyone has to have “one of those trips” now and then.

I went to check in at Jambo House over the weekend, and checked in on line.  As a Disney Vacation Club Member, I rarely have problems with my room and have been lucky enough to be in my room consistently by early afternoon.  For this trip, I didn’t get my room number until about 5:00 PM.  I talked with the desk multiple times, and was told that the hotel was full, and many recent guests, from the Carolinas, extended to avoid the hurricane.   I was told the hotel was full, but it was still frustrating.  It felt like my room was the last room to be cleaned that day.  I also seemed to miss the fact that the pool was under refurbishment, so no swimming this trip.

At Bay Lake Tower, last month, I got into the room to find that the television wasn’t working.  After a visit from maintenance, they were able to get it taken care of, but it was disappointing.  The person that came said that mine was about the tenth one that day.  I also discovered there are no USB ports in the rooms.  For the hotel that should to be the most modern, I thought they had them, but nope!  I had the cable for my phone but had to go buy a plug.  If you are staying at Bay Lake Tower, don’t forget your plug!

When I checked in this weekend, I went to Downtown Disney to wander around, and on the way back had some issues with transportation.  It appears that the bus driver that picked me up forgot where she was going.  We were headed back to the Animal Kingdom Lodge, but she got off to go to the All Star Resorts.  She went through the first resort without stopping, and had to turn around and leave the resort again to get us back.  On a prior trip, we waited at EPCOT for over 30 minutes in the heat, before someone came.  That was frustrating.  As a final frustration, I went to get something to eat while I was waiting for my room this weekend, and the line at the quick service restaurant looked like a conga line around the restaurant.  Maybe that had to do with the pool being closed, but it sure was long!

Even after all this, I still enjoy my visits to Disney.  It’s usually magical, but into each life, some rain must fall.  This was my storm, and I know things could have been worse.  I was able to put thing in perspective and enjoy my time despite the issues.  It’s still my happy place, and a part my hope to be happy, for life.