Disney’s All Star Sports Resort

I was lucky enough to visit my happy place over the weekend, and I was pleasantly surprised by my visit to the All Star Sports resort.  The All Star Sports is a value resort at Walt Disney World.  It is in the Animal Kingdom resort area, and is the first resort you come to in the All Star Resort area.  The All Star Resort is made up of the Music, Movies, and Sports resort.  The All Star Music holds a place in my Heart.  It was my first resort I stayed in as an adult at the World, but I must admit that my visit to Sports, which I did with caution after my last visit to the Caribbean Beach Resort. was very relaxing.  This visit was without issues, and very productive.

I reserved a night to do some shopping and enjoy my happy place, and arrived to the World around 0930.  By 1030, my room was ready, which is always unexpected.  After waiting until after 4PM for my room at the Caribbean Beach Resort, this was wonderful and allowed me to move on with my day.  I went shopping at Disney Springs, and yes the Christmas decorations are up and the carols are playing.  The new Disney store is open, and beautiful.  I really like the new décor, with the tile plank floors, fewer walls, and just the open beams.  It’s really wonderful inside, and this weekend it was full of shoppers.

After that it was off to the Animal Kingdom.  I was looking for something, so I got to walk around and enjoy the people.  The Animal Kingdom is still a great park.  I really like to just sit and watch the animals, and the rides are fun at times, but the animals are always different and engaging.

I have to admit that I ventured out of the world to the craziness on 192, a highway close to the World.  I ventured to some places over there, looking a small bottle of milk that didn’t cost $3, and some other things which I found.  I passed Margaritaville, which is coming along nicely and I’m looking forward to staying to see it from the inside.  The new waterpark there is taking shape, and the retail space is starting to look like it’s getting ready.  There are new restaurants popping up, so more to do and to look forward to in the future.

Back to the world for an evening at EPCOT.  The Food and Wine Festival is wrapping up, and still exciting with wonderful food and entertainment.  I stopped to see the music in Germany and it was great.  There is so much to see, so stop and smell the roses at the festival, and see all the shows.  They will make you smile, and might even have you tapping your feet.

After a lovely day, it was back to the resort.  Getting my room was amazing.  I had my magic band, which worked at the gate, and at the door.  I got the text with my room number and managed to bypass the front desk.  My room was small, but seemed in better repair than the Caribbean Beach.  The pool was great and the food court had lots of choices.  I would happily stay again, and likely will be back soon.

I woke up well rested and headed for the Animal Kingdom for my walk of the morning, and then headed for home.  There was magic, and Christmas in the air and it was wonderful to visit.  Don’t under estimate the value resorts.  As a Disney Vacation Club member, it’s been a while since I stayed in a value resort, but it was a great time and less than other resorts but just as nice, and it will become a part of my being happy for life.