Christmas at Disney World

As you all know, Disney World is my favorite place, but around the holidays, I love it even more.  After putting up my Holiday decorations, I have even more respect for the people who decorate the parks and resorts at Disney.  I am moving boxes, and putting up trees, but they are moving tons (quite literally) of decorations around the part, and transforming the parks from being entertaining, to being magical places around the holidays .  The lights and decorations, along with the extra entertainment, would require you to be there for weeks to see everything.  I wish I could see all that it has to offer, but alas, my visits are short since I still have to work after not winning the lottery, again.

When I think about my favorite things, I have to say that seeing the different trees, the Gingerbread displays, and holiday shows top my list.  If you only have a little time, see those at least.  I try to take a day to visit the resorts for the gingerbread.  I have tried to make a gingerbread house, and decorate it, but it’s not as easy as it looks.  The “cookie house” as we call it at the Grand Floridian is always amazing.  It’s a life size gingerbread house, that also sells gingerbread, and people come from all over to see it built in early November.  I love to just sit in the lobby and you can smell the gingerbread.  The Contemporary resort, The Boardwalk, and the Beach Club resort also have amazing displays.  I understand there is also an White House Display this year at the American Pavilion.  I definitely have to check that out!

The holiday shows are also not to miss.  Jingle Bell, Jingle Bam, at Hollywood Studios is a great show with fireworks and animation.  It’s not Happily Ever After, at the Magic Kingdom, but it’s a really nice holiday show.  Then there is EPCOT.   EPCOT has Illuminations at the park, and there is a special piece that gets added for the holidays that is not to miss, but the holiday draw comes from the show at the American Pavilion.  The Candlelight Processional happens every year, and is a big draw.  There is a celebrity host reader, a choir of cast members and local choirs join in for an amazing performance.  As a former high school choir member, this performance is very nostalgic.  I can be found singing along when ever I can.

The decorations around the resort are amazing.  Each resort is decorated with garland and trees, and so much more it’s hard to see everything.  From The Magic Kingdom, to Disney Springs, there isn’t a place you can go to escape the splendor.  I’m a people watcher, and always make time to watch people around the property.  Just watching people visit the gingerbread displays is entertaining.  There are more photographers around the property to take pictures, so you can capture a moment if the feeling moves you.  Even the camp ground gets into the spirit.  I enjoy just walking around to see how people have decorated their campsites.  Some people go all out, and the displays are out of this world!

Whether you like the holidays or not, Disney is a great place to go.  But if you like decorations, Disney World is a “can’t miss it”.  I know there are other places to go, and other holiday displays, but for me, Disney is my happy place.  It’s part of my plan, for being happy for life.