Surviving Summer

It’s June, and it’s hot in Florida.  That means that people are inside more, together,  and getting into arguments.  Heat often makes people anxious and angry, in many different parts of the country.   I have heard many people in Florida say they go from air conditioning to air conditioning in the summer because of […]

Managing Anxiety and The Empty Nest

I generally do a good job managing my own anxiety, but that all changes with certain events.  It’s summer, and my kids have been going up to visit family in Michigan during the summer, and they left over the weekend.  This is their third year going to visit, and since they lived there prior, they […]

Don’t forget the sunscreen!

It’s getting warmer and it’s almost summer.  People are getting out and enjoying the weather, seeing friends and neighbors and planning vacations.  Summer is a great time of year for enjoying family and the weather, but just like in life, there are things to be mindful of, like damage from the sun.  Life is about […]

Social Media, A Review

Social media has become an important resource, but also an important business in current times.  It gives people ways to stay in touch across the world, as moving becomes more common, and living your lifetime in your hometown becomes very uncommon.  Sharing pictures and events with family, and being able to stay in touch has […]

A Disney Day

Every time I make it to Disney World I find new things, even this weekend, and other things I can appreciate.  I lost count of the number of times I have been lucky enough to visit, but there always seems to be something new and something traditional.  From new treats, to new shows, to new […]

Happily Every After

I’m a Disney fan, and I watch movies that generally have a happy ending.  My favorite Princess is Belle, from Beauty and the Beast.  I like her because she was able to look beyond what people see, to see the person inside.  I wish more people were able to do that.  I wish they could […]

Managing Disappointment

We all have dreams and goals.  We work hard to try to see those dreams come to life and try to believe in something we can’t see.  We plan, research, and hope, but sometimes dreams get interrupted.  That’s when we have to regroup and redefine our goals and dreams.  In working with people, I have […]

Something bigger than me

As I research topics to write about, things come up that help me better understand where I want to go.   As I reviewed the news and articles today, I found an article that talked about an understanding that we have a responsibility to the greater good.  As I continued reading other articles I started […]

Going to the gym

As much as I know, going to the gym is good for me, but that doesn’t make it any easier to get in the car.  I know that I am in good company, and there are a lot of people who agree that they know they should go but it’s hard to get out the […]

For My Mom

Posted on May 13, 2018 by in Family

Today is Mother’s Day, and for many it is a blessing, and a curse.  I’m am lucky to have my mother still with me.  She has been strong and supportive throughout my life, and I am so thankful for all the things that she taught me.  My mom wore many hats, just like I do […]