Weekend Reflections

This weekend seems to be a recovery weekend for many, me included.  Not much going on, but over the last month, we watched violence, hurricanes and so many other things.  I now have so many images that will haunt me, by I’m still trying to remain positive and move forward.  We also have more heroes […]

Epcot Food and Wine Festival

This week has been rough, so it was time to get away this weekend, for some fun, and some cleaning.  My husband and I are working on both our homes after the hurricane, and off to our house by Disney to clean up we went.  After a busy day cleaning, we took the evening to […]

Disney World Information

I tend to be the person that people come to when it comes to questions about Disney World, and things Disney.  I have a number of places that I got for information and someone asked me to share some here.  So as requested, here are some of my go to places for Disney information. I […]

The EPCOT Food and Wine Festival 2017

  It’s that time of year again, and the EPCOT Food and Wine Festival started this week.  With all the food booths, and all the deserts, it was nice to get away from the sad news and problems at home have some fun at the festival.  Of course, I was not the only one checking […]

Stay positive, even in a bad situation!

Well, staying positive is hard to do at times, especially when bad things happen.  We have had air conditioning problems on and off for a while, and in Florida, that makes for tough days, and nights.  Well, today our fan stopped working, so we are without air conditioning tonight.  Being able to stay positive and […]

Cupcake Night! Yea!

So Friday nights are usually treat night, so tonight was cupcake night.  I love cupcakes, and at one time, I thought about quitting being a therapist and becoming a baker.   Never quit being  therapist, but I still love to bake. So, tonight my youngest and I  made Mickey and mini cupcakes. My cupcakes don’t tend […]

My Favorite Things…

    I have lots of things that I like, but today, I have to share one of my Disney favorites.  Over the weekend, I was able to get to Disney World, as you already know.  One of the places I like to go is the Germany Pavilion in EPCOT.  There they are making fresh […]

Doing Disney for the Weekend

So, this weekend was a nice get way to Disney, with kids in tow.  Weekends like this are nice because they are not pressured, do not include a plan, and allow for down time.  We stayed at our vacation home from Friday to Sunday, and came home to spend the rest of the weekend just […]

Puzzles for Happiness

I don’t know about you, but I love puzzles. They seem to be a way to relax, keep that brain zapping, and foster a sense of accomplishment when you are done. I’m not sure why they are part of my stress management, but they really seem to help. Over the weekend, my daughter and I […]

Disney, one of my happy places!

I must admit that I love Disney.  I know that there a lots of people that criticize Disney, but for me there is a magic there that I can’t explain.  Yesterday, I had the opportunity to view the new fireworks show at the Magic Kingdom, and bring my oldest daughter with me.  It was a […]