Forgiving Yourself

Forgiving yourself is a very tough thing to do.  As we go through life, I believe that there are many times when we say and do things that we would like to take back, or try to do again.   I think about events in my history, and some things I would happily repeat,  but others […]

Keeping the Faith

With Thanksgiving now a memory, and Black Friday in the past, it’s time to reflect on the holiday, and what happens next.  I can only hope that you had a wonderful day with family, and that you were able to enjoy good food and company.  Thanksgiving was just my husband and kids, and we were […]

There’s no place like home.

I love to watch movies around the holidays and recently watched the Wizard of Oz.  Watching the moving this year made me think of things to come, but also about the things I have learned.  Just like Dorothy, sometimes we forget what it means to be home, with family.  Sometimes we forget what it’s like […]

A Season of Joy

I have to admit, I so love the holidays.  As we prepare for Thanksgiving, the holiday season is coming to life, and I enjoy the decorations.  They are going up all over, including our neighborhood, other neighborhoods, and the theme parks in Florida are looking beautiful.  I must say that we don’t decorate like we […]

Surviving Trauma

Sometimes, working with clients, I have to convince them that there are people in the world that want to help others.  Some people grow up with the idea that people don’t care.  We learn how to relate to people by how we are treated by our family.  We learn what to think about others, but […]

Managing Teen Drama

  Helping your teen through the forest of high school is not the easiest of tasks.  Daily drama can be hard to manage, and even harder to understand.  I have worked with so many families that struggle with the growing pains for high school.  High school isn’t like it used to be, and kids may need […]

Surviving the Holidays

Now that Halloween is over, the holidays are around the corner.  Let’s talk about how to survive the holidays, without needing therapy.  The holidays can be hard for some.  If you have family, sometime spending time with them can be fun and other times it can be very difficult.  If you don’t have family, sometimes […]

Happy Halloween

Halloween is not my holiday, but my kids really like dressing up for candy.  They like the scary decorations, and we have places in our neighborhood that go all out.  Halloween in our neighborhood is crazy.  I think families drive in to our neighborhood to go around for candy.  I have my bags ready, with […]

Happy Birthday

Today is my daughter’s birthday, so we have been enjoying our day.  That made me think of the importance of celebrating ourselves and each other on the anniversary of our birth.  There are people born every day, and there are people lost every day, but to celebrate life is so important.  Today we celebrated my […]

Raising Good Kids

Things last week were focused on my kids.  Things finally feel like we are getting back to whatever normal is.  With both kids in school, and having very different interests, sometimes it’s hard to keep both going at once.  Sometimes I feel like I have plates spinning on poles, and I’m just trying to keep […]