Overcoming Traumatic Events

We have talked about trauma before, but so many of my patients struggle with trauma issues.  Trauma can as simple as a car accident, to the loss of a loved one, to sexual or physical assault.  Trauma events are experienced differently, and what might be traumatic for one person, might not be traumatic for someone […]

Take Time to Enjoy Family

Things today get crazy.  With so many events and responsibilities pulling at our time, sometimes it’s hard to remember to prioritize the more important things.  I know I struggle with the hats that I wear.  Sometimes, it’s hard to divide time to make sure that I care for myself, and my family.  As I talk […]

How to Survive Chaos

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of so many events and situations that you had trouble sorting out what you needed to think about first?  I seem to find myself in this situation often, more often than I want to admit.  In helping others, I find that it happens more frequently than anyone […]

Don’t Be Afraid

So many times, we miss opportunities to make changes in our lives because we struggle to take the risk.  Thinking outside the box can open up new options and chances to improve your situation can mean moving your life in a better directions, whether it’s related to relationships, work, or any other situations.  Sometimes, new […]

How to appreciate what you have.

Perception is such an important concept.  It’s one that I talk about often in therapy with my patients, and it can help you feel good about your life, but it can also make you feel miserable.  Carnegie was correct.  What you think about your life is as important as how you feel about your partner, […]

How to Survive the Flu

Getting sick is no fun for anyone, and this week, I got the flu.  Feeling nauseous, having a fever, and spending most of the time in the bathroom is not the way that anyone would want to spend their days.  There is something that we should pay attention to, however, when our body tells us […]

Finding Balance In Life

When working with patients, part of the work usually becomes finding a balance between personal needs, the needs of a family, and the needs of a job.  Finding the balance between all things can be very difficult at times.  Without balance, mental health issues can fester and become worse.  Depression can increase, and anxiety can […]

Taking Chances

There is something to be said for living in a way where things are predictable and organized.  It helps with raising children because it helps organize their world and gives them the skills to organize other things as well.  There can be a comfort in knowing what to expect, where things are, and how things […]

Talking About Depression

Depression is a common emotion that most people experience at some time in life.  Just like happiness or sadness, depression can come from an event or situation, and when the symptoms escalate, there is help.   Depression can cause weight loss, or gain.  It can create sleep issues, and affect work and relationships.  It can […]

Let It Be Enough

This weekend has been about reflection.  Sometimes we need to stop and think about what we want, who we are, and where we are going.  Other times, things get thrown in the mix and we have to stop and re-evaluate.  I work with people, most days, to help them be less critical of themselves, but […]