Managing Disappointment

There are many twists and turns in life.  Things that we hope for, and other things that we question.  Sometimes we wish for things and they happen.  Other times we wish for things, but they don’t happen.  Managing disappointment is something we all need to do.  Sometimes we need to be careful what we wish […]

Celebrating you!

These days, things are over celebrated.  Every child that plays sports now gets a trophy.  We have graduations from kindergarten, and other grades even before high school.  We seem to be making up things to celebrate, and some people feel they need to be celebrated above others.  We are all important.  We all have strengths […]

Going On Vacation

It’s summer and people seem to be thinking about vacations.  The kids are out of school and the television is filled with destinations and options to consider if you plan to get away from home.  From a weekend vacation to a week at a place like Disney, there are many options if you like to […]

Getting Out Of a Bad Relationship

Getting in and out of relationships is easy at times, and hard at times.  Setting limits in relationships can be harder than either, when it comes to someone that you really care about.  I have said often that people who love each other divorce every day, and I truly believe that.  I have been in […]

My Happy Place Doesn’t Work

For most people, there are ups and downs.  There is anxiety, depression, happiness, and sadness.  That said, for most the feelings pass and they are able to find their way back to a positive mood.  For some, however, they get stuck in a low place, or slide into depression.  Working your way out of depression […]

Success and Happiness

Can you be successful and be happy?  That’s a great question.  Can you be unsuccessful and still be happy?  That’s an even better question.  What does success mean to you?  It really means different things to different people.  For some, success is owning their own company.  For others, success is “living free” off the grid, […]

My Baby is Driving

Kids grow up.  As a therapist, I know this but as a mother, it takes me by surprise at times.  It is a given that my kids were going to get older, and I know I shouldn’t take that for granted but it happened.  Now, my oldest has her driver’s permit, and she is growing […]

Surviving Summer

It’s June, and it’s hot in Florida.  That means that people are inside more, together,  and getting into arguments.  Heat often makes people anxious and angry, in many different parts of the country.   I have heard many people in Florida say they go from air conditioning to air conditioning in the summer because of […]

Managing Anxiety and The Empty Nest

I generally do a good job managing my own anxiety, but that all changes with certain events.  It’s summer, and my kids have been going up to visit family in Michigan during the summer, and they left over the weekend.  This is their third year going to visit, and since they lived there prior, they […]

Don’t forget the sunscreen!

It’s getting warmer and it’s almost summer.  People are getting out and enjoying the weather, seeing friends and neighbors and planning vacations.  Summer is a great time of year for enjoying family and the weather, but just like in life, there are things to be mindful of, like damage from the sun.  Life is about […]