Fighting Injustice

Many of my patients are struggling with multiple mental health issues.  They struggle with depression, anxiety, trauma issues, paranoia, and so much more, but it’s also very common for my patients to be struggling with problems related to services.   Many times, they have been other places for help, and feel that they have been […]


Have you ever heard the term “Entitlement”?  It’s a term that has been tossed around often recently to describe upcoming generations.  According to Webster, it means “belief that one is deserving of or entitled to certain privileges”.  Let’s explore that for a moment, and I would like to argue that entitlement is learned, and not […]

Moments of Clarity

Do you have moments of clarity?  I define moments of clarity as moments where things make sense.   I don’t get them often, but sometimes I have those moments were the pieces come together and for a moment I understand something I have been pondering.  I try to appreciate those moments, and remember them with […]

Celebrating you!

These days, things are over celebrated.  Every child that plays sports now gets a trophy.  We have graduations from kindergarten, and other grades even before high school.  We seem to be making up things to celebrate, and some people feel they need to be celebrated above others.  We are all important.  We all have strengths […]

Don’t forget the sunscreen!

It’s getting warmer and it’s almost summer.  People are getting out and enjoying the weather, seeing friends and neighbors and planning vacations.  Summer is a great time of year for enjoying family and the weather, but just like in life, there are things to be mindful of, like damage from the sun.  Life is about […]

To marry or not to marry…

Today is a new day.  The past, where marriage was expected, is over.  Women are working and successful.  The age when people marry is later than it has ever been, and marriages still fall apart around half the time.  The idea of marriage is changing, so is marriage still important?  There are legal issues, married […]